There are many ways to earn money; some possible jobs that player characters might hire themselves out for (or hire others to perform for them) in the Galactic Imperium, Zon-Gra Protectorate, or elsewhere in the Milky Way Galaxy are listed below. The prices assume trained or professional labor; jobs for untrained workers (hiring bully boys or ditch diggers off the street) pay much less.

Currency is shown in full Falcons or GC (Galactic Currency), though barter and haggling is alive and well in many parts of the galaxy.

Job Pay
Aide de camp* 10 per week, more for danger pay
Assassin 50 per job, more for danger pay
Athletic trainer 10 per month
Author (successful) 100 per year
Author (moderately successful) 20 per year
Beast trainer 10 per month
Bounty hunter 25 – 500, depending on target
Bodyguard 10 per month, more for danger pay
Butler 5 – 15 per month
Carpenter 3 per month
Chauffeur 5 per month
Chef 5 – 10 per month
Courtesan 5 per session, 25 per month
Doctor (Physick) 10 per visit
Driver 1 per job
Duelist stand-in 10 per duel, more if to the death
Enforcer 10 per job, more for danger pay
Etiquette instructor 10 per month
Executioner 3 per job
Gambler Portion of winnings
Informer 1 – 5 per topic
Investigator 5 – 15 per job
Laborer 1 per job
Lady-in-waiting 5 – 10 per month
Magic lantern shower 5 per show plus portion of ticket sales
Mechanic 5 – 10 per item repaired
Medic 5 per visit
Noble hanger-on 10 per month
Parish priest 5 – 10 per month
Pet/Toy 1 – 10 per month
Performer (high class) 10 per performance
Performer (low class) 1 – 5 per performance
Pirate Portion of any bounty
Researcher 5 per month, or 2 per topic
Rumor-monger 1 per topic
Salesman Portion of profits
Seamstress/Costumer 1 – 10 per outfit
Security consultant 5 per month
Security guard 5 per month
Seneschal 10 – 15 per month
Soldier 5 – 10 per battle
Starpilot 20 per jump
Starship navigator 10 per jump
Starship engineer 15 per jump
Starship gunner 5 per jump
Starship marine 5 – 10 per jump
Computer programmer 5 – 10 per task
Torturer 5 – 10 per job
Town crier 3 per month
Vermin catcher 3 per month

*An open task situation: character is expected to perform whatever duty his patron requires, from escorting his children to the fair to exploring lost star systems.


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