Unique Powers

Unique Powers

The following represents powers unique to a cosmic-level game.


Cost: 15 Points/Level
Type: Power
Relevant Stat: Mind, Soul
Power Modifier Values: Area, Range, Targets. Range increments based on Fast Progression Chart, starting at 1AU (Level 1) increasing to 1 billion AU (Level 10)
Progression: Slow Progression Chart, starting at 1 Jump (Level 1) increasing to 500 Jumps (Level 10)
Reduction: Power Requires Special Equipment (Interconnected Jump Gates, Jump Drive & Ingress Key)
Restrictions: Under certain conditions; hyper-teleport not accurate; Non-Organic matter only
Description: HYPER-TELEPORT enables the character to transport him or herself instantly from place to place without crossing the intervening space over vast interstellar distances. Most commonly, this power is used via an Item of Power (Like a Starship Jump Drive).Hyper-Teleportation is only possible if the character has visited the intended destination or can see or otherwise sense the destination (possibly through the Heightened Senses or Sixth Sense Attributes), or via an Ingress Key, which includes encoded navigational coordinates. The Game Master may allow characters to teleport via Jump Gates to unknown destinations (such as “a gate we don’t have a key for,” or “to other stellar coordinates”), perhaps for an additional 1 or 2 Character Points total. Accidentally hyper-teleporting into a solid object such as a planet or star may be fatal or simply cause a failed hyper-teleport at the GM’s option. A character can carry anything while teleporting that he or she could normally carry. When Hyper-Teleport is first assigned, the GM may ask the player to decide if velocity (speed and direction) is conserved during travel. Alternatively, the character might adapt velocity to each Hyper-Teleport individually, though conserving velocity is exceptionally dangerous at hyperflight speeds. In many campaigns, the effects of velocity will simply be ignored.


Cost: 4 Points/Level
Type: Characteristic
Relevant Stat: None
Power Modifier Values: None
Progression: Slow Progression chart times 200, starting at +200 Cosmic Energy Points (Level 1) increasing to +100,000 Cosmic Energy Points (Level 10)
Reduction: None
Restrictions: None
Description: This Attribute is only available in galaxy-spanning campaigns where Energy Points are used. Possessing this Attribute increases the Energy Points of the character, allowing him or her to draw on a greater pool of energy reserves in times of need. See page 102 of Step 7: Derived Values for information on Energy Points and their uses. This attribute is commonly associated with Items of Power, such as Fusion Cores or Starship Drives. When Cosmic Energy Bonus is first assigned, the GM may ask the player to decide the ‘flavor’ of the Cosmic Energy, such as Arcane, Dimensional, Divine, Elemental, Fusion, Plasma or Void.


Description: Linked to Power Attribute. This Defect is only available in galaxy-spanning campaigns where Cosmic Energy Points are used. The character’s Energy Points are used to power a particular Cosmic Attribute. The Cosmic Energy Points will either be reduced after the Attributes use (for Attributes for immediate effects, such as Hyper-Teleportation or Starship Weapon Attack), or while the Attribute is used (for Attributes that are used over a period of time, such as Flight or Invisibility). Burns Energy extends to Level 10. For immediate effects, reduce the Cosmic Energy Points by: 10 (L1), 20 (L2), 50 (L3), 100 (L4), 150 (L5), 200 (L6), 300 (L7), 500 (L8), 800 (L9), or 1000 (L10). For Attributes used over a period of time, reduce the Cosmic Energy Points as follows: 10/week (L1), 100/week (L2), 100/day (L3), 300/day (L4), 100/hour (L5), 300/hour (L6), 100/minute (L7), 300/minute (L8), 100/round (L9), or 100/second (L10).

*Starship Jump Drives require a minimum of 200 Cosmic Energy per Jump in order to traverse a Jump Gate.
*Starship Hyperflight Drives require a minimum of 1 Energy per AU to move, though at Drive 1 -5 it does not have to be Cosmic Energy scale.

Unique Powers

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