Tulku System


Ruler Countess Jasmina Beni Chorfa
Cathedral none
Agora Hornblowers
Garrison 2
Capital Base Camp
Tech 6
Human Population 100
Alien Population unknown
Jumps: 1
Resources: Primmortal artifacts, ancient ruins, minerals
Exports: none

Solar System

Star: Psylat (dwarf red star)
Planet Name Distance from Star notes
Dust 0.1AU
Rest 0.5AU
(Challen) moon
Tulku 1.0AU
Crag Belt 5.10-7.82AU
Granhavel 14.2AU 17 moons
Poten 27.1AU 3 moons
Jump gate 57.34AU

With its thin atmosphere, cold temperature, and lack of open water, Tulku is an inhospitable place. The planet is dead beyond a small terraformed bubble produced by Second Republic machinery, requiring rebreathers and survival suits to venturing outside that area. In the center of the bubble stands the ‘Tulku Sphinx’, an Primmortal Gargoyle to rival the Howler of Absentia. The landscape comprises of low hills, boulders and debris, crevices and deep ravines, and dust is everywhere. Tulku has a heavy gravity (1.37 G), a short day (21 First Earth hours), and a long year (equal to 2.7 First Earth years), with seasonal storms and frozen poles.


Discovered in 3994 GD, Cueball, promised to yield much mineral resources, but the world itself was quite inhospitable. The first hardy pantheonic settlers set up mining operations, but when they happened upon a huge Primmortal Gargoyle towering over a barren rocky plain, they abandoned the work and each went on a soul-searching quest across the Galactic Imperium.

When the mining conglomerate arrested and interrogated several miners, they all told similar stories of visions and ecstasy similar to the hated Bleed Effect. The Tulku Gargoyle was kept a secret to prevent a tsunami of religious fervor, and when the Fall unraveled the Second Republic the planet Cueball was forgotten.

Almost on the millennial anniversary of its discovery, Hornblower explorers rediscovered Cueball (4994 GD) and they found a strange pocket of life on an otherwise barren world. The planet was renamed Tulku, supposedly because the Gargoyle had instructed the first explorer (who is rumored to have gone mad) that this was the world’s name, and the Hornblowers Guild began investigating the world in secret. Their agents, Third Republicans, soon brought in Ingenium Engineer specialists and an al-Yazata baron – all Republican sympathizers. For some years this small conspiracy explored Tulku and the Gargoyle in utmost secrecy, dreaming of establishing a Third Republic, but eventually House Beni Chorfa discovered the secret and wasted no time conquering Tulku from Graal (5007 GD).

The exact nature of how the conspiracy was discovered and the planet captured by House Beni Chorfa is classified, but in 5008 GD the existence of Tulku was revealed and surrendered to the Star Throne. In a surprising move, the Emperor claimed only a small fief for himself, the area covered by the terraforming bubble, and formally awarded rulership of the planet to House Beni Chorfa. House al-Yazata was also granted some land on the planet, possibly as reward for their role in uncovering the Republican conspiracy.

Tulku is proving a major boon for the small House Beni Chorfa, although commercial exploitation has yet to begin. The Second Republic tech and Primmortal ruins have generated much interest from the Shoqëri Guilds, but with the Emperor seizing these sites hopes of gaining access are waning.

The Sectus has dispatched emissaries and church knights to search for the dark entity they believe exists on this world, the demon who gave the Prophet his soul wound in 2837 GD, although some speculate this is only an excuse to establish a presence on Tulku.

The settling of Tulku has not yet begun in earnest as specialists and explorers are still busy mapping the world. Less then 100 people permanently reside here, although a small Beni Chorfa military base has been hastily constructed on the (mineral rich) outer planet of Poten. Only five Ingress Keys are known to exist for this world, one held by the Star Throne, another by House Beni Chorfa, and the last three owned by the Hornblowers’ Guild.


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