TL8.jpgTech Level 8 is the classification used for the technology of the Jith.

Terraforming of entire planets becomes possible.

True artificial intelligence becomes possible, using the rare ore Galateum, creating computers with personality, rather than just learning machines.

Anti-gravity technology is available.

Nanotechnology reaches the peak of its capability.

Weapons at TL8
Since this is a sci-fi setting, powerful, futuristic weapons may not be considered Items of Power in the cosmic setting, but rather simply purchasable gear. At TL7, there are a number of weapons capable of doing damage far and away above a normal rifle, pistol or sword, due to their energy-based ammunition or fusion-era power sources. Therefore weapons that may be purchased or found (or looted) in the greater galaxy that are listed in the Items menu cost 3 Minor gadgets per level of Item of Power it would normally take to use for their creation.


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