TL7.jpgAt Tech Level 7, Powered forcefields, or energy shields are possible, making high-speed spacecraft of Hyperflight levels 1-5 possible. Robotics advances include the development of basic artificial intelligence, using the rare mineral Galateum. The tissue regenerative substance known as Ambrosia is invented or discovered. Nanotechnology becomes relatively common, though it is not yet a magic cure-all.

Tech level 7 is the highest tech level that might merit random placement. A world with this level of technological expertise has somehow managed to hold on to or develop a large amount of the Primmortal’s technology base, and can produce a wide range of goods that are unknown on less sophisticated worlds. Miniaturized fusion plants, drive-8 rated Hyperflight drives, exotic grav weaponry, and even the development of psionics-based technology is possible on such a world.

Even on worlds such as this, most technology is likely mass-produced tech, that they themselves have developed, with only a few important goods produced to Primmortal levels of quality. A world with this level of technology is almost certainly a regional hegemon, one of the most powerful and influential worlds in the sector. Even those worlds that have no imperial ambitions have enormous influence simply through the vast superiority of their starships and military technology.

Weapons at TL7
Since this is a sci-fi setting, powerful, futuristic weapons may not be considered Items of Power in the cosmic setting, but rather simply purchasable gear. At TL7, there are a number of weapons capable of doing damage far and away above a normal rifle, pistol or sword, due to their energy-based ammunition or fusion-era power sources. Therefore weapons that may be purchased or found (or looted) in the greater galaxy that are listed in the Items menu cost 2 Minor gadgets per level of Item of Power it would normally take to use for their creation.


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