Tech Level 6 advanced starships capable of reasonably quick travel. Cybernetics are now easily made, able to concealed under synthetic flesh. Miniaturized fusion power is possible.

Tech level 6 worlds are the most common in space-faring race’s space. These worlds can create Hyperflight drives rated up to drive-3, fusion power plants, grav vehicles, simple energy weapons, and medicines that could extend relative human life to a hundred years of vigorous good health, which is to say that whatever the natural range of a given race’s lifespan, they are likely to live it to it’s fullest, health-wise. They can manage sophisticated gengineering on simple life forms, and some tech level 6 worlds have even attempted to improve the genetic structures of its race’s life itself. These attempts often have yet to produce results without severe drawbacks, but some such worlds remain populated by altered beings designed to cope with local conditions more perfectly than baseline members of their race.

Most worlds with regular interstellar contact and the necessary raw resources eventually gravitate towards this level of technological expertise. It may take decades, or even centuries in the case of more retrograde worlds, but this tech level is the highest that can readily be achieved by most planets.

Tech level 6 ‘with specialties’ could be an unusual case of a normal tech level 6 world that has retained/excavated some rare Primmortal-tech based industries or has developed their own local technical expertise beyond baseline tech in certain disciplines. Most such specialties are relatively narrow in scope; grav tech, medicine, hydroponics, force field generation, or some field of roughly similar breadth. These specialties are usually either the product of a few, unreplaceable Primmortal items or the result of some unique local resource that serves amazingly well for the purpose at hand. In both cases, the world will jealously guard the tech, and much local conflict may relate to control over these resources. These worlds tend to have substantial amounts of interstellar trade from neighboring worlds interested in their tech. The ruling elite of the world can be ostentatious about display of this wealth as well.

Higher levels of space-faring races often see those at this tech level as potentially dangerous upstarts, particularly if they did not come by much of their technology on their own, and either received help from older, more advanced races, or happened upon Primmortal tech by accident.

Weapons at TL6
Since this is a sci-fi setting, powerful, futuristic weapons may not be considered Items of Power in the cosmic setting, but rather simply purchasable gear. At TL6, there are a number of weapons capable of doing damage far and away above a normal rifle, pistol or sword, due to their energy-based ammunition or fusion-era power sources. Therefore weapons that may be purchased or found (or looted) in the greater galaxy that are listed in the Items menu cost 1 Minor gadget per level of Item of Power it would normally take to use for their creation.


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