The Mōnstrum

MonstrumMerc.jpgUnlike other Shoqëri Guilds the Mōnstrum make their money off of labor, not the provision of goods. They are a large consortium of organised “human resources”. The core of the guild is almost always mercenary. They specialize in providing corps upon corps of trained men for an adequate cost. They serve to provide mercenaries to whoever can offer the highest amount.

The Mōnstrum is also the largest resource of unionised freeperson labor, providing skilled (and unskilled) human labor wherever it is required. The protection of these unions extends only as far as the members of the Mōnstrum. They serve to provide an elite service and are exclusive about who they hire.

However the Mōnstrum has been known to resort to “volunteered” labor (aka slavery by more liberal groups) when they find the buyer wants cheap, easy and unskilled labor. Although slavery is technically illegal in the Galactic Imperium, The this does not prevent the Mōnstrum from Shang-haing peasants, freemen, barbarians and the occasional noble (sometimes deliberately for a nominal fee). Their slaves will often receive ‘therapy’ to help them re-adjust to their new lives (and condition them to forget their old). This trade in practice has earned them the nickname of “Chainers”.

The recorded history of the Mōnstrum goes back to the Second Republic. There had always been a need for mercenaries among the new colonies. The demand was high during the chaotic Diaspora. The chaos of the end of the Second Republic again saw a demand for soldiers for hire. A company of mercenaries was created, and after the Fall the company evolved to become the Mōnstrum.

Guild Fiefs

The Shoqëri Guilds now own three worlds within the Galactic Imperium, The, having lost Parapet to House Amatsukami during the Primacy Wars. Each of these worlds is ruled by a collaboration of guild interests, although roughly speaking, the Mōnstrum dominates Bhonnaich business, the Mahyah Nostra and Hornblowers control Madog enterprises, and Guild Arius Money Dealers and the Ingenium are preeminent in Guildheim dealings. In addition, the Shoqëri Guilds hold interests on many worlds – indeed, no world of the Star Imperium is without a Guild presence – and they possess a co-ownership of Kargonde with House al-Yazata. The guilds, both minor and major, work their patents and schemes more or less autonomously, although all are subject to the council of deans on Guildheim, led by the Guildmeister.

The Mōnstrum

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