Tech Levels

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In most cases other planets that are apart of a major power won’t all be the same Tech Level universally. Due to the dangers of space, wars, ignorance of certain technologies, lack of specialists, poor economy, etc… there is usually a primary world with the max tech level for that race and the rest of them will be within 1-3 levels of that, other than colony worlds which may be just starting out. Not every world should be a thriving megalopolis.

TL0 Stone Age
TL1 Classic Medieval
TL2 Renaissance
TL3 Victorian
TL4 Mid-20th Century, average level of many inhabited worlds
TL5 Information Age, Early Spaceflight
TL6 Solar System Sub-sector travel, Fusion power, Hyperflight levels 1-3
TL7 Sector travel, sub-sector mastery Tech standard of most space-faring races, Hyperflight levels 1-5
TL8 Often greater Sector mastery Tech above standard of most space-faring races, Hyperflight levels 1-8
TL9 Galaxy spanning travel, may control a galactic arm, lesser Primmortal tech, Hyperflight levels 1-9
TL10 Possible intergalactic reach, may control a galactic quadrant, greater Primmortal tech, Hyperflight levels 1-10 and possibly beyond


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Tech Levels

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