Tasgo System


The Tasgo system is a trinary star system that once held eight planets. It is currently comprised of a Dyson swarm, a habital planet, Tasgo, and a gas giant. There is some evidence that the Tasgo system once had four stars.

Tasgo Defense Network

An uncharted world said to neighbor the Al Fashir Caliphate, but still remains unconquered. The Vox Igni people of Tasgo are said to live in a culture inspired directly by the Primmortals and hold many ancient secrets. Builders of uncanny AI’s and ships with clearly Primmortal inspired designs.


  • 3724 GD Heofon (later Tasgo) is discovered by Second Republic scientists.
  • 3850 GD An nanobiology facility is established on Heofon (later Tasgo). Father Bernando Sahagun founds the religion of Vox Igni, based on Dr Dey┬╣s theories and codified in the “Panoptic Codex”. The cult moves from Holy Ersetu to Heofon. Originally a scientific colony the planet was seized by Primmortal cultists. Pagan cultists live in domed cities built on mountain peaks on this lost world.

Tasgo System

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