Along with the Reikaw, the Stoucrix are one of the two races recognized as Children of the Primmortals. They hold a close relationship to the Primmortals whom they revere as gods. Displaced from the Stoucrix homeworld after the War in the Heavens, they were placed on a new homeworld. Stoucrix are tribalistic and clannish and have become physically accustomed to living underground and in the dark.

Stoucrixi are largely suppressed by post-humanity and either live as supplicants or mercenaries. Their natural ability to fight and work in the dark gives them a huge advantage over their post-human counterparts. In a long history of conflict, the Stoucrix have come to value the traits of the warrior. Their culture is naturalistic and honest, and they rely heavily on tradition. These qualities made them very popular in posthuman media for a time.

They are recognizable by their subdued, avian features, often pale-to-tan striated coloring and extensive body scarification. When underground, their pupils dilate completely, and they share the black eyes of the Reikaw, as well as having a natural gift for Psi powers, though the two races are definitely not on friendly terms. The posthumans were not the first to exploit and suppress the Stoucrix, and traditionalist Stoucrixi have not forgotten.

Children of the Primmortals
The Primmortal races (also known as the Anunnaki) are the oldest known races. They disappeared before Posthumans reached the stars, leaving behind many powerful artifacts, including the jump gates which make star travel possible.Their purpose is a mystery, as is the nature of their legacy: What happened to them? Did they intentionally leave the jump gates for the younger races to use? Too many questions remain unanswered. The Primmortals are known to have interfered with certain races before these races achieved solar system or star travel, and many believe that they directly helped the Jith to reach the stars. Posthumans argue about their secret influence in ancient human affairs, although there is no definitive proof of this. Their influence in the Galactic Imperium can most clearly be seen in the cousin races, the Reikaw and the Stoucrix. While these Primmortal Children know very little of the Anunnaki, their myths and legends tell of godlike beings who shaped their cultures, weaving the fates of Reikaw and Stoucrixi alike for good or ill in a sort of cosmic chess match. One pantheon of gods is believed to have won out over their rivals, with the result that the rivals’ pawns were removed from their homeworld and placed in a vicious, adversarial environment to rebuild their tattered and displaced culture: the Stoucrix. The Reikaw, pawns of the victorious gods, enjoyed a golden age of peace, learning and spiritual study. Then, the gods withdrew from the lives of mortals, leaving the Reikaw and the Stoucrix to develop on their own. That was many millennia ago, and the two races have traveled down radically different paths since. During this time, the Reikaw fell back into barbarism, but regained their civilization through a renewal in spiritual doctrines and discipline. The Stoucrixi have had a warlike and aggressive culture ever since the gods betrayed them. Regardless of the vast amount of time which passed during their separation, the Reikaw and Stoucrix language has remained similar enough that fluent speakers of one tongue can sometimes understand the other. The appearance and design of their tech shows obvious Primmortal influence, but is rarely more advanced than current Galactic Imperium standards.

The Stoucrix obviously did not belong on the planet from which they began their star-faring. The surface of Kargonde is hostile to life and the Stoucrixi are forced to live beneath the surface in a network of tunnels circling the globe. Their legends speak of a great wrong done by one of their kind in “heaven,” and they were banished by the gods to this hell in retribution.

The Stoucrix achieved space travel before their cousins, the Reikaw, but were blocked by the Second Republic after colonizing only three other systems. A blockade war against the Stoucrixi homeworld lasted for decades, with the Stoucrixi finally suing for peace and accepting reservations on their claimed worlds while the Republic took over the govemance of these planets.

Traditional natives of the Stoucrixi homeworld live the first five years of their lives in near or total darkness. At age siX they are “brought to the light," or slowly acclimated to light and surface living. Due to their lightless beginnings, touch is more important to them than sight, although their sight has never become atrophied. They carve their bodies with raised tattoos or carvings (called baa’mon) spelling out their names (on their faces) and their deeds (on their chests, arms and legs). Stoucrixish as a written language is a sort of shortform Braille, meant to be “read” off someone’s skin (although the language has been adopted for books).

Stoucrix from reservations on other worlds have siruilar traditions, but they ofien live in light since birth and usually do not read Stoucrix tattoos as easily. There is often a lowlevel but mutual disdain between homeworlders and “rez" Stoucrixi.

They come from strong family clans and wage feuds against rival clans. These feuds began when the early Stoucrixi fought over limited resources, but resentment has been handed down generalionally even in times of abundant resources. Certain clans hold leadership positions over other clans because they were able to convince Posthuman noble houses to recognize them over other clans, although they do not seem well-liked by the “lesser” clans.

Leading Stoucrix: Torquil oj Borduk (chief of ruling clan, recognized by the empire as leader of the Stoucrix), Baal oj Ak (infamous psychic terrorist), Domina “Many-Scars” Corduvan (leader of FAR)

The Stoucrix are a violent but crafty race, more Worldly than their spiritual cousins. They are often secretly sought out by houses or guilds in the Imperium to provide certain “services" that their subterranean origins allow them to perform well: thievery and assassination.

Their sense of hearing and touch are better than a human’s, and they find it easy to move quickly and fight in enclosed spaces. The harsh necessities their race faced early on caused them to sometimes develop a better sense of technology than their cousins or even most humans.

Like the Reikaw, they are borm with advanced occult abilities (often Psi), but have little morality guiding its use.

If lacking in societal guidance, many suffer from an overactive urge to do what they want, when they want. The Sectus has made inroads with some reservations however, and actively seeks to ‘civilize’ the race making sure the ‘good Stoucrixi’ send their children to church.

Stereotypes: Thief, assassin, repair technician (the grimiest work in the tightest spaces), terrorist, bitter diplomat, optimistic leader (Fighting against ingrained resentment and tribalism)


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