Starship Mods

Starship Mods

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The following are common modifications that Starships may have, where to look if you want to have them and some general references.


  • Airlock (Accordion): The airlock, has an extending rubberized seal to handle just about any standard door size. Relies on magnetic guidance and creates a vacuum seal between two vessels which can be shut down and retracted from the bridge or from the door itself.
  • Airlock (Breaching): Used by some militaries, this airlock is a heavy magnetic ring with powerful lasers capable of breaching a ship’s hull and cutting a hole inside to deploy troops. Costs the same as the Lt Laser in Weaponry.
  • Airlock (Cargo): Extra Large airlock for direct cargo bay to cargo bay transfers.
  • Airlock (Standard): A standard hardpoint, magnetically guided. May open to space or open to another airlock door. Doors must be aligned precisely to form a good seal.
  • Aquarium: See MENAGERIE from the SAS Base System
  • Arboretum: An area inside a ship made to simulate a natural (well kept) area. See RECREATION from the SAS Base System
  • Arms control: See ARMOURY from the SAS Base System
  • Astrometrics: See WAR ROOM from the SAS Base System
  • Artificial Gravity (Centripital): see Artificial Gravity
  • Artificial Gravity (Gravitic): see Artificial Gravity
  • Auxiliary control: Its possible to have a secondary bridge, or programs and computers designed to act as crew. See Starship Computers



  • Cargo bay: See MOTOR POOL from the SAS Base System
  • Cargo Arms: A Major gadget that some people will strap a confused robot to and send outside to pick up salvage.
  • Cargo Clamps (External): See Starship Cargo
  • Chapel: See OCCULT STUDIO from the SAS Base System
  • Cockpit: Essentially another word for the bridge of a starship. Where the pilot and navigator control the vessel from.
  • Command module: Essentially another word for the bridge of a starship. Where the pilot and navigator control the vessel from.
  • Corridor: An area between sections of a starship. Costs nothing extra.


  • Decontamination chamber: Can be created with an Item of Power with Special Defence: Disease
  • Dedication plaque: Common among military Commissioned Starships, showing the full name and designation of a vessel. See Starship Names
  • Dojo: See TRAINING ARENA from the SAS Base System



  • Fuel: Combustion engines, jets and rockets all require solid fuel, commonly some form of petroleum based diesel or gasoline. In the case of rocket or jet fuel, the fuel is often simply more highly volatile and more precisely ignited. Lander Grade spacecraft often rely on solid fuel for in-atmosphere Flight, as hyperflight engines are dangerous to use in atmosphere, and jump engines only function in conjunction with a jump gate and ingress key. Combustion engines are considered Tech Level 4.
  • Fusion Core: Often pseudonymous with a ship’s jump drive or hyperflight drive, often powers shields, weapons and can be tapped to recharge fusion-based weapon ammunition. Fusion technology is almost always considered Tech Level 8.
  • Fusion Grid: Any terrestrial or starship energy grid based on high-energy fusion technology. High-tech power grids are not just run on electricity, or standard ‘energy’, but fusion energy, a cleaner, more high-yield energy source. Unlike electrical power, fusion power is immune to electromagnetic disruption. Fusion cells for weapons are ‘FC’, ac compared to EC for standard energy cells. Fusion technology is almost always considered Tech Level 8.


  • Gun deck: Starship Weaponry is fired from the gun deck of Starships, one of the ‘trinity’ of common areas needed on most combat-ready vessels (the others being the bridge and engineering). Because of the volatile nature of heavy weapons, gun deck is particularly susceptible to Starship Internal Damage.
  • Gym: See TRAINING ARENA from the SAS Base System








  • Navigation: Navigation is handled from the starship’s bridge. A navigation (mind+navigation) roll is needed before every jump or hyperflight use.



  • Power grid: Based on tech level. TL3 = Steam, TL4 = Combustion (solid fuel) and Electricity. TL8 = Fusion. Each type of energy has it’s own advantages and drawbacks.





  • Technical specs: Finding the blueprints for a starship can be difficult, especially if the ship is found, modified, handed down, etc. full blueprints of starships cost the same as a rare book and a large data crystal combined and are difficult to find.







Starship Mods

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