Starship Maneuver

Starship Maneuver

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Performing Maneuvers

Manuver.jpgThe maneuver rating of a vessel is based on it’s awkward size rating, which directly corresponds to the level of Base. Light vessels generally get bonuses to maneuver being quick and light with lower mass than other ships, making them nimble in zero or low-gravity space.

Medium vessels are large freighters or troup carriers generally, often with a lot of extra mass, and begin to take slight penalties in zero-g environments that could make it dangerous even to skilled pilots if there happens to be debris scattered about, or in the confines of a busy shipyard, asteroid field, jump gate queues etc.

Heavy vessels are massive monolithic structures of ceramsteel and pure thrust, and although some larger vessels are even capable of true interstellar flight, they’re absolute beasts to pilot, turn around or get going, and once they are going, it takes a good deal of effort to stop them. The heaviest penalties to piloting go to the ships with the most pure mass.

Light Vessels

Ship Class Awkward Size (Base lvl) Maneuver
Shuttle/Fighter 1 +2
Explorer 2 +1
Raider 3 +1

Medium Vessels

Ship Class Awkward Size (Base lvl) Maneuver
Freighter/Escort/Yacht 4 -1
Frigate/Gunship 5 -1
Galliot/Destroyer/Assault Lander 6 -2

Capital Ships

Ship Class Awkward Size (Base lvl) Maneuver
Cruiser/Heavy Destroyer 7 -3
Dreadnought/Colony Ship/Monitor 8 -4

Maneuvering Thrusters

Its possible to overcome the mass of giant objects in normal space, it’s just very difficult.

The cost of maneuvering thrusters capable of reducing the titanic force of mass exerting upon a starship when it tries to rapidly change course is high, Major gadget x level of the Base/Starship per bonus. So, to make a Destroyer-class starship capable of maneuvering without it’s normal -2 penalty would cost 6 × 2 = 12 Major Gadgets.

Starship Maneuver

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