Starship Builder

Starship Builder

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Armor Cost Length & Width Supplies
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Builder Escape Pods Maneuver Tractor Beams
Cargo Grade Modifications Types
Character Scale History Names Vitality
Class Hyperflight (Speed) Passengers Weaponry
Combat Internal Damage Sensors

This is purely flavor, however it can be important for obtaining replacement parts.

In the Galactic Imperium, most starships were built 1000-2000 years ago during the periods known as the Diaspora or perhaps the Second Republic. A few modern ships are built by the Shoqëri Guilds, or in rare cases, by the Royal Houses of the Prolimetri, the Emperor’s private shipyards, or most commonly the Prolimetri or the Universal Sectus of the All-Maker will commission the guilds to build ships. The majority of space traffic is on ancient ships, held together with spit and bailing wire, however.

Both the Stoucrix and the Reikaw have claimed over the centuries to be the masters of reclaiming Primmortal tech, though the downtrodden Stoucrixi are by far less savvy than the well-respected Reikaw.

Outside of the Imperium, the Aesir have lost ship-building capability, but are known to have mastered modifications of starships, and the Al-Fashir Caliphate appears quite capable of creating their own vessels.

In the Zon-Gra Protectorate, only a few races have the resources to actively build ships, and these are the Lifari, the Rondi, the Klackon and formerly the Vellians. The Space Elves of the Nether Corps also have ship-building capabilities, but restrict their fleets to smaller ship classes and act as a peace-keeping police force.

A few other antagonistic races, such as the Chaldathans and the Desecrated can craft their own ships, both being biomechanical in nature.

The Terran Earth Corps has begun building their own spaceworthy vessels, though this is slow-going, and drawing worldwide resources together for such an endeavor is proving new and difficult, however they have help from both the Lunari and the Urshothgans, two extra-dimensional alien races, as well as several of the member races of the Zon-Gra Protectorate in exchange for offering political asylum to it’s refugees.

Starship Naming Conventions

Ships in the Terran Alliance are listed as TEC (Terran Earth Corps) followed by a mythic or significant name.

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Starship Builder

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