Second Republic

2ndRepublic.jpgThe largest interstellar government in posthuman history. It represents post-humanity’s apex of democratic powers and technology. It is speculated that the Republic spanned over 1000 worlds and was rumored to be twenty jumps across. Knowledge of many of its systems has now been lost.

It rose after the Diaspora in GD3500 when colonies had diversified vastly and were now looking for leadership. There was a growing conflict between different factions that looked to become hegemonic powers. The Market Authority, the Market Consortium, relic Zaibatsus from the ill-fated First Republic and the Priory of Cyan were vying for interplanetary power.

Eventually, with the unity provided by the Sectus and economic interests heralded by mercantile leaders, the Second Republic was born, a democratic government which eventually spanned all the worlds of Posthuman Space.

2ndRepublicII.jpgAs the Republic took hold, an unprecedented era of prosperity and high technology was initiated. It seemed that there were no limits to human development, no secrets which could not be unlocked by the power of the human mind, along with a little ingenuity and grit.

But power eventually seems to coalesce into the hands of a few, especially when the people are no longer vigilant. The god-council noble houses of the Diaspora, still rich but now relegated to meaningless roles, hungered for the vast power they once had and plotted against the Republic. They were aided by a new milleniallism and apocalyptic fever, for scientists and mystics had discovered a new, dread phenomenon: the gifts of their forebearers were fading. The powers of the gods grew dim and no one knew why.

2ndRepublicIII.jpgThe republic ended after around 500 years in what is known as the Fall. The government could not calm the fears of all the worlds, and the untimely crash of the welfare computer system caused riots in every major city on every planet. Rebels rose up and with lightning speed, claimed the central government on Capital Secundus. The nobles joined together with the Sectus to free the capital. Victorious, they refused to return power to the senators and instead seized power for themselves. This ushered in a new age for humanity: the Galactic Dark Ages of feudal lords, fanatic priests and scheming guilds.

Second Republic

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