Scarab System


Ruler: Baroness Claire Skirlon (Imperial holdings), Slee’wau Assawaka’Fro’Talakma (Jith Mandarin)
Cathedral: None
Agora: Hoylachi
Garrison: 5
Capital: Capilla (Posthuman), Sis’Chet (Hoylachi)
Jumps: 4
Tech Level: 8
Resources: agriculture, minerals, ores
Exports: Hoylachi cultural objects, fine arts

Solar System

Star: Cleo (dull white star)
Planet Name Distance from Star Notes
Epyx 3.44AU
Scarab 0.91AU
Hokuto 5.1AU 4 moons
Kuko Cluster 7.3AU localized asteroid cluster
Noad 9.1AU 47 moons
Shrodzorotin space station
Silva 23.7AU
Kollun 43.1AU 2 moons
Jump gate 57.5AU

Scarab is a green and pleasant First Earth-like world, with three great continents spreading across its surface. By treaty, two of these continents are accessible to Posthumans, while the largest continent is reserved for the native Hoylachi (and citizens of the Jith Hegemony).

This paradise world, then called Neo Monaco, was discovered in GD 2743, and as it didn’t need terraforming to perfectly suite Posthuman habitation, Scarab immediate attracted colonial interests. The first colony was established the in late 2744 GD, and exploitation of resources commenced in early 2745 GD. This brought the colonists into conflict with the native Hoylachi, who protested against the Posthumans violation of their habitats, exclaiming that such actions were “not permitted”. The plight of the natives was ignored, and in GD 2745 a single Jith Warship arrived to effortlessly destroy the assembled colonial fleet, before disgorging Jith Guardians to the surface to kill every single colonist. Scarab remained a closed world until the diplomatic efforts of the Second Republic established the Neo Monaco Treaty with the Jith, opening a single continent for colonization in 3811 GD.

The Jith maintain a small presence on Scarab, though there’s a large military presence in the system, centered on a sizable star base (the spacestation Shrodzorotin) among the moons of Noad, all entire system of moons being off-limits to non-Hegemony starships. Regular patrols traverse the system, and although they rarely board or inspect other vessels, they have been known to insist that a ship quits the Scarab immediately for no apparent reason. As with all of the Jith border worlds, the Inquisition is formally denied access the system. Though the Prolimetri Houses all occupy token fiefs on Scarab, most of the Posthuman territory has been annexed by the Emperor.

Direct contact with the native Hoylachi is prohibited by the Neo Monaco Treaty. However, in response to a burgeoning trade in black market goods, the Jith has loosened these restrictions on trade and permitting the import of cultural objects from the Galactic Imperium by the Hoylachi in return for many objects d’art and agricultural produce.

The local operatives of the Oculus Imperium seek to observe and to analyze the Jith. They rarely glean anything useful and among the military forces of the Galactic Imperium, a ‘mission to Scarab’ is often perceived as a vacation or early retirement.


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