Rukhalib System


Ruler: Shemita Marduq
Cathedral: none
Agora: Al Fashir Caliphate
Garrison: 5
Capital: Simoriah
Jumps: 3
Tech Level: 6
Human Population: 150 Million
Alien Population: ?
Resources: chemicals, minerals
Exports: chemicals, medical tech, vehicle tech, weapons tech

Solar System

Star: Kizil-Yildiz (red supergiant star)
Planet Name* Distance from Star Notes
Marduq 15.7AU Rukhalib, 66 other moons
Rukhalib moon primary world
Shiraz 29.32AU Rings, 24 moons
Ghulistan 53.03AU
Jump gate 71.06AU

Due to massive interference in the system, all navigation, and sensors goal rolls are made at -2, with increasing penalties during periods of intensified solar activity.

Rukhalib is a strange world, a large moon of the gas giant Marduq, First Earth-like in size and gravity but made habitable to posthumans by exhaustive terraforming. The breathable portions of its artificial atmosphere extend a mere few miles above sea level and are covered in distinct strata of lighter gases. Rukhalib’s skies are thus perpetually enshrouded with vari-colored multi-layered clouds transparent enough to afford frequent glimpses of the looming bulk of Marduq and the dim Kizil-Yildiz (“Red Star”).


Discovered in 3520 GD, terraforming the world to make it accessible to posthuman life began immediately. When the great world shaper Doramos (GD 3680-3809) visited Rukhalib (GD 3800), he claimed that it had already been terraformed long ago by the Primmortals, and that posthuman interference could only be described as an “abomination”. The Aesir invasions that assaulted much of Al Fashir Caliphate space (GD 4450) completely overlooks Rukhalib, Jugangiz makes contact with the Al Fashir-speaking culture on Rukhalib (GD 4480) and unites them against the Aesir.

The population of Rukhalib counts in the 150 millions, and they are renowned for being among the most devoted practitioners of El-Diin, and they are probably partly responsible for the reputation of Al Fashir fanaticism in the Galactic Imperium.

The commoners here work the mines and atmospheric harvesters as they have for over a millennia, living rigidly structured lives in which their jobs are viewed as acts of piety. The intelligentsia is quite small and their culture takes the form of obsessive biochemical engineers rather than an aristocracy.

The nomadic Rukhalibites are descendants of a genetically engineered workforce designed to survive the pre-terraformed Rukhalib, and many of these would be considered Parahumans in the Galactic Imperium. Enhanced senses, toughened skin, special immunities and modified respiration and/or digestion, while not common, tend to predominate in certain tribes.

In general, Rukhalibites exhibit a mottled complexion and have a distinct odor similar to that of petro-chemical liquids. While outsiders usually find the Rukhalibites appearance disturbing, their Al Fashir brethren tend to regard them as exotically beautiful.


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