The Reikaw are one of the races know as the Children of the Primmortals. Having a close connection with the Primmortals they called the “Weikaska” or Lightbringers whom they revered as gods. They have developed a pacifist and philosophical society. One of the only humanoid races ever discovered they suffer the least prejudice of all alien races in the the Galactic Imperium.

Reikaw are recognizable as having avian features and dark pupiless eyes that eventually pick up all ambient light and appear to glow.

Reikaw Prophesy:

When the Saquasohuh Kachina takes it’s last breath in the heavens, the Fifth World will emerge.

This will be the Day of Purification.

It will come when the star shard of Saquasohuh Kachina dances in the plaza and removes its mask.

Children of the Primmortals
The Primmortal races (also known as the Anunnaki) are the oldest known races. They disappeared before Posthumans reached the stars, leaving behind many powerful artifacts, including the jump gates which make star travel possible.Their purpose is a mystery, as is the nature of their legacy: What happened to them? Did they intentionally leave the jump gates for the younger races to use? Too many questions remain unanswered. The Primmortals are known to have interfered with certain races before these races achieved solar system or star travel, and many believe that they directly helped the Jith to reach the stars. Posthumans argue about their secret influence in ancient human affairs, although there is no definitive proof of this. Their influence in the Galactic Imperium can most clearly be seen in the cousin races, the Reikaw and the Stoucrix. While these Primmortal Children know very little of the Anunnaki, their myths and legends tell of godlike beings who shaped their cultures, weaving the fates of Reikaw and Stoucrixi alike for good or ill in a sort of cosmic chess match. One pantheon of gods is believed to have won out over their rivals, with the result that the rivals’ pawns were removed from their homeworld and placed in a vicious, adversarial environment to rebuild their tattered and displaced culture: the Stoucrix. The Reikaw, pawns of the victorious gods, enjoyed a golden age of peace, learning and spiritual study. Then, the gods withdrew from the lives of mortals, leaving the Reikaw and the Stoucrix to develop on their own. That was many millenia ago, and the two races have traveled down radically different paths since. During this time, the Reikaw fell back into barbarism, but regained their civilization through a renewal in spiritual doctrines and discipline. The Stoucrixi have had a warlike and aggressive culture ever since the gods betrayed them. Regardless of the vast amount of time which passed during their separation, the Reikaw and Stoucrix language has remained similar enough that fluent speakers of one tongue can sometimes understand the other. The appearance and design of their tech shows obvious Primmortal influence, but is rarely more advanced than current Galactic Imperium standards.

The Reikaw had not explored beyond their solar system before the Second Republic arrived to usher them into the commonwealth of Known Space. They were treated better than most alien races due to their obvious link to the Primmortals, but they were no longer the masters of their own destiny.

One of the first Reikaw to explore the stars was Ven Lohji, who became one of the Prophet’s eight disciples, and returned to Reikaw after the Prophet’s death to preach her message, creating what would become the Reikaw sect of the Universal Sectus (Voavenlohji in the Reikaw language).

However, an unfortunate incident during the Dark Ages involving an Reikaw priest and a Sectus bishop resulted in a religious war which wiped out a large part of the Reikaw population. Most of them still live on their homeworld of Guardios, under the watchful auspice of House Dodekatheon.

Reikaw have few strictly defined family units. They honor their mother and father, but the task of raising a child is taken up by every Reikaw. An uncle or aunt will often take charge of a child’s schooling, but all Reikaw have a responsibility to the child. When an Reikaw goes bad (becomes a criminal or murderer), those Reikaw involved in his upbringing blame themselves and usually retreat from their worldly duties for spiritual contemplation or pilgrimage, pondering what they did wrong.

The Reikaw have a government composed of an elected Ruling Council called the Umo’rin. Candidates must volunteer for public duty, and must pass the “Ordeal”: a rigorous test of the applicant’s physical, mental and spiritual capabilities. Once the candidate has passed this test (most do not), his or her seat on the council is rarely contested. They are one of the very few races in the Galactic Imperium who do
not have a noble, although there are levels of rank in the Ruling Council which are somewhat equivalent.

Most Reikaw adorn themselves in the avian trappings of specialized and highly ritualized armor, made up of tech they have ‘reclaimed’ from ruins of the Primmortals. The vast majority of the tech need not work, (in fact it’s rare if any does) the point is to ritualize the unearthing of heritage. Other tech is grafted into the armor, and special notice is given to the senses when it comes to common armor modifications. It is standard for Reikaw to completely cover their faces and all skin in a black shroud, and create new avian faces with the tech they’ve reclaimed. it is considered rude to show ones face outside one’s closest family. Beneath the armor the Reikaw are are brown-skinned, as if deeply tarmed, although racial divisions exist: bronze, red and yellow-skinned Reikaw are known. Their hair is usually black and their eyes are black and pupilless, though may glow in darkness. They tend to be thinner than the average human, but they are generally more nimble, and often use armor to raise thier apeparance of height. Long strands of hair escaping their armor, often tied with elaborate beading and feathers is not unknown.

Leading Reikaw: Soleel l-lanSeer (head of the Ruling Council), Bishop Forsti l-IanKavak (head of the Reikaw Sectus), Bran Botan vo Karm (Emperor Chryselios’ left-hand counsel).

The Reikaw are sought out as third party diplomats and peacemakers, but they can be vicious if they turn their minds to it. Their culture values learning and philosophy over all other pursuits, and Reikaw have a knack at answering questions which have long plagued others.

Many Reikaw sects travel in large groups together on reclaimed starships, seeking Primmortal ruins and lost worlds.

While their culture differs from that of Posthumans in the Imperium, they have lived among Posthumans long enough to mix well (picking up as many bad influences as good. some Reikaw say). An Reikaw can expect a respectful (if somewhat cold) reaction from most Posthumans he meets.

Many Reikaw are bom with occult abilities (either Psi or Theurgy), and have a well-developed, moral belief structure to support their powers. For this reason, they are often more trusted as psychics than are human psychics.

Reikaw Stereotypes: Diplomat, mystic, judge, tech reclaimer, priest, pilgrim, curious merchant, archaeologist, angry iconoclast (looked upon as deranged by Reikaw society).


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