Regere System


Ruler: Master Claudius
Cathedral: ( Orthodox)
Agora: Guild Arius (Money Dealers)
Garrison: 8
Capital: Castrensis
Jumps: 2
Tech Level: 3
Human Population: 8 million
Alien Population: 500,000 Stoucrix
Resources: minerals, gem stones
Exports: minerals, gem stones, weapons tech

Solar System

Star: Areia (yellow star)
Planet Name Distance from Star Notes
Salat 0.95AU
Regere 1.2AU
(Primus) moon
(Secundus) moon
(Tertius)) moon
Deione 3.1AU
Chione 35.0AU
Ishtar 49.0AU
Jump gate 65.0AU

Regere is a craggy, tough world, hard and rugged. Its only continent, Radixon, is mountainous in the extreme with harsh winds funnel down the numerous valleys with 60% surface water. Animal life tends to be as squat and hardy, as are the people. An inhospitable, cold, barren planet, with a high gravity (1.22 G), Regere has only a thin atmosphere akin to Mars, with most people live under the atmosphere domes.

Mazdak (Regere) was first discovered in GD 2583 by the Arabian Djinn zaibatsu. The Djinni god-corporation was at the forefront of exploration and colonization, and many Bleed-touched hid like malignant tumors in its ranks. It was a harsh inhospitable world of little commercial value, perfect for Bleedism to thrive in relatively openly. When the Bleed-touched Revolt rocked the First Republic (GD 2490-2500), Mazdak was little affected as its Bleed-touched population hid in their carved-out hold-outs rather than fight. Mazdak was soon forgotten. With the collapse of the Second Republic, Bleedism reappeared on several worlds, including Mazdak.

In GD 4073, the fledgling Order of the Monk Militas made an assault on Mazdak. The order’s two founders, Malcolm Xavier Justinian and Godfrey Regere, both fell in the assault (Regere survived as a crippled man). Count Jackson Fiat Regere became the new master and launched a campaign against the Mazdak Bleedists and slowly won out. In a final act of desperation the Bleed-touched shut down the jump rout between Ajalon and Madinah (GD 4092), thereby cutting the Monk Militas off from its main source of income (the Ajalon-Madinah pilgrimage rout). As a result, Count Jackson claimed Mazdak for the Order, and in GD 4096 petitioned Patriarch Benedict III to recognize his group, but was turned down. Tensions rose between the idealistic Order and the practical Universal Sectus and Count Jackson was soon charged with heresy for claiming prophetic insights. Following years of secret negotiations between the Brothers and the then Patriarch Innocent IV, the Order of the Monk Militas was finally recognized in GD 4139.

A few centuries later, Godfrey and Malcolm were sanctified and the planet officially named Regere in Godfrey’s honor. During the Primacy Wars, Regere saw warfare between the domains of houses al-Yazata and Bogovi who held fiefs on the planet since long before the coming of the Monk Militas. This Mambij Confrontation had been going on for centuries, but the interstellar civil war intensified it, all the while the Order refused to take sides. However, when Countess Carmetha Bogovi withdrew the Odium Garrison to attack Criticus in GD 4991, seriously endangering the lives of every Monk Militas on Stigmata, the al-Yazata suddenly beat its Bogovi rivals on Regere. Although both House al-Yazata and the Monk Militas vehemently deny any collaboration, House Bogovi is convinced that the Order meddled in secular affairs way beyond their mandate. The Primacy Wars made Regere economically self-sufficient as mining facilities multiplied to meet the increased demands of war, and together with the Order’s lucrative money-lending business, Regere is now far richer than it seems.

The Money Dealer’s Guild has invested in the world since the end of the Primacy Wars, enabling the Lank Weaponsmiths’ Guild to set up a workshop in spaceport of Castrensis. The feud between houses Bogovi and al-Yazata, is simmering, for although House al-Yazata won much Bogovi land during the Primacy Wars, some of it has since been bought back or otherwise regained, and the enmity runs deep.

The Regere commoners are an industrious and tough people, wrestling a harvest out of the soil (not enough to sustain husbandry) and battling the mountains to give up its minerals. Some 8 million Humans dwell within the dome-covered cities, mines, and processing plants, with an estimated 20% eking out a living as best they can amongst the high plateaus. There is a sizable Stoucrix population, mostly living amongst the slum populations. There is no high culture here and folk culture is steeped in piety and prowess.


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