Rauhina System


Ruler Thane Eldrid the Wise
Cathedral Sectus of Ostmark
Agora Aesir
Garrison 4
Capital Achiharta (House Ramakrishna), Elfhome (Aesir)
Tech 6
Human Population 13.5 million
Alien Population Unknown number of Croindanti
Jumps: 3
Resources: industry, ores
Exports: weapons tech, starships, refined ores

Solar System

Star: Vijar (large yellow white star)
Planet Name Distance from Star Notes
Ayodhya 0.40AU
Fyren 0.85AU
Rauhina 1.56AU
(Hattan) moon
Sigefest 2.78AU 2 moons
Vrindavan 6.01AU 43 moons
Udal 12.32AU
Valhalla 23.57AU 12 moons
Diyan Dine’e 34.87AU
Jump gate 48.99AU

Great oceans cover Rauhina, populated by four continents. In the south-western hemisphere sits Vijayanagar, with its tropical and temperate forests; while other continents possess large tundra areas with some conifer forests and high, inaccessible mountain ranges.


First colonized from Milhamot in the late 29th century, Rauhina (then called Highgard) was ruled by the Ramakrishna noble dynasty that still holds considerable economic and political power on this strategically important Aesir world. During the Second Republic, House Ramakrishna maintained their economic and political dominance, albeit it was now senatorial rather than feudal. During the rebellions that ended the Second Republic, the world tried to remain independent, but its position on the jump web, between the central government and the Rogue Worlds made this difficult. Then, in the mid-41st century GD, rebels closed the system jump gate and forcefully colonized the world.

Early in the 44th century GD the jump gate opened again as Aesir raiders came to Rauhina, and by now no Ingress Keys leading back to the Galactic Imperium remained on the planet. In the late 45th century the House Ramakrishna was forced to withdraw to the continent of Vijayanagar, leaving the rest of the world to invading thanes, who renamed it Rauhina. In 4524 GD, King Froljir seized Rauhina and used it as a base to stage his invasion into the Galactic Imperium the following year. Since then the house has allied with lesser thanes against greater ones to maintain independence.

The Croindanti came to Rauhina in the late 49th century, fleeing the oppressive rule of the Ka’Hadan and first official contact between them and the Aesir was in 4842 GD. Even though trade flourishes with the Croindanti, relations are troubled and distant.

Rauhina, sometimes called “Aesir” by House Dodekatheon, has long been a staging area for Aesir raids into Dodekatheon space and beyond. About ¾ of Rauhina belongs to Aesir thanes, while the continent of Vijayanagar is the domain of House Ramakrishna; a portion of the southern Ostmark continent is held by independent Sreumar principalities which’ culture is a curious blend of Aesir and Ramakrishna. Also, in the south of Ostmark, Galactic Imperium culture is thriving among the Aesir thanes and the Sreumar princes. The region has been a hub for the Aesir slave trade for centuries, and captured Universal Sectus clergy have slowly managed to spread their faith in their captors’ lands. By the turn of the 47th century there emerged a Bishopric of Ostmark, currently ruled by Bishop “Little Father” Roland shepherding half a million souls. The Sectus of Ostmark has evolved its own ways, but not so much as to be unrecognizable to the Universal Sectus.

With a population of over 84 million (including Reikaw, Stoucrix, and Croindanti colonies), Rauhina is the most populous world in Aesir space. The majority of the Aesir are Drenjar, with a smattering of Lakol and other nations. Although a religiously tolerant world, the strange Posthuman cult that emerged soon after the amphibious Croindanti settled in Rauhina’s oceans in the late 49th century GD, the Dark Pool Fishers, has caused much concern. Although a very small cult operating in secret among costal populations, people fear them for worshipping dark Croindanti gods.

House Ramakrishna
Heirs to a highly-cultured society, nobles from this Rauhina Minor House pride themselves on their civility and keen learning. They know little about their Galactic Imperium peers (especially their relatives on Milhamot who have long since been absorbed into House al-Yazata), but do respect the Dodekatheon who can stand their ground against the Aesir hordes. However, they are extremely disturbed by the Inquisition, which they see as a monstrous organization (their view based solely on Temple Idristi “missionaries”). Open intolerance is in their eyes a trait of the uneducated, for being able to turn the other cheek has prevented much violence with the Aesir.

While retaining much of the house’s original culture, heralding from the Indian subcontinent of First Earth, there has been some intermarriage with Aesir of various ethnic stock over the centuries. For clothing, they prefer silks and soft loose-fitting fabrics, embroidered with beautiful patterns and decorations, often worked with gold and silver thread. Fencing duels are not popular among them, and instead they rely on contests of poetry, musical compositions, and learned debates to prove the better noble. They are not pacifists however, but prefer to use the noblemen’s monopoly on violence to enforce their rule and secure social stability rather than for resolving differences between nobles. Violence is an inferior trait after all, and nobles should rise above the ways of the unwashed rabble.


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