The oldest stories usually start: In the Beginning. This one starts at the end.


In the End the universe was dying. Heat death had come, and all the stars of the heavens had long since faded to dust. The Primmortals that remained were a dying race. They were the pinnacle of their universe’s evolution – or rather, of those who had stayed behind. Enlightened, wise beyond conceit, masters of science to the point where it had long become indistinguishable from magic, though it was not. Truth be told, most of their race had long since abandoned their aged universe for other planes and dimensions, leaving the stragglers behind to study and evolve on their own. When their home universe finally neared the very end, their universe’s last supermassive black hole a cosmic drain with the flotsam of stars circling it’s faltering event horizon – that last unbearable stellar darkness led to a new, infant universe at the edge of its creation. Our own. It was to there that the last Primmortals fled, and their arcs containing their experiences and knowledge were the Monoliths, massive voidships capable of transversing universes.

PrimmortalMonolith.jpgSome Primmortals survived the trip through the event horizon of their universe’s last black hole, however many others did not. Enough survived that they peppered the stars with their influence. Jump gates that warped time and space, Dyson spheres that used the stars themselves to power them, nanotechnology that pooled like living organisms in the hidden places of the galaxy. Forcefields, hyperflight drives, and the secret of the mining and refining of Galateum, the rare and dangerous ore that allowed for sentience to be awakened inside of machines.

PrimmortalMonolithExt.jpgMany far younger civilizations across the galaxy would find artifacts of the Primmortals which would make them think in different ways about their place in the universe, about their science and technology. Some, wielding the awesome power of their forebearers’ technology would name themselves gods. They were the spark which lit the minds of the younger races on fire. Yet their story was one of hubris. The height of technology leading to the fall of their great civilization. And the stories told of this ancient power often became either mired in or elevated by, depending on your perspective, the countless philosophies and religions throughout the universe. To some, access to this technology was merely access to a tool, for others, access to a holy authority, granted by the creators of light from the Void.

Wars were fought over access to it. Many beings still live and die for a glimpse of their creators’ tools.

Records show that there was one race, or possibly two, who traveled the heavens long before post-humanity ever reached the stars. The Primmortals is a term for the alien races of pre-historic times whose technology was of incredibly high advancement. The elder of these races have left behind the massive jump gates that allow interstellar travel to be possible. The Primmortals have disappeared and their only legacy is in the mythologies of the Children of the Primmortals, the technology of their disciples, the remains and ruins of their greatest relics.


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