Ovo System


Ruler: Sultan Ullaman Sek
Cathedral: none
Agora: Al Fashir Caliphate
Garrison: 3
Capital: Al-Kanar
Jumps: 1
Tech Level: 4
Human Population: 620,000 Al Fashirri, 1 Million Primaries
Alien Population: ?
Resources: forestry, agriculture, minerals
Exports: foods, textiles

Solar System

Star: Herm to the indigenous population; Umm Azza to the Al Fashir colonists (yellow star)
Planet Name* Distance from Star Notes
Emerida 0.6AU
Ovo 1.0AU
(Kazar) moon
Manawe) moon
Sulke 32.4AU 12 moons
Dolk 44.0AU 3 moons
Jump gate 62.45AU

Ovo is a vast primeval fern jungle interspersed with broad plains. Lava flows from huge fissures that scar the planets surface, but despite the volcanic activity Ovo is almost devoid of mountains.


Originally discovered by the Second Republic (GD 3950), the world was colonized by terraformers who came to study the primordial world. With the coming of the Fall contact was lost with the world, until the it was rediscovered in 4958 GD by Caliphate explorers. Little of the planet’s history is known since the native humans discovered to already inhabit the world, the Primaries, are a primitive culture with very little writing. Still, the Primaries have a myth describing how they descend from Second Republic colonists who interbred with a native alien species called the Akraeii that has since become extinct.

The first meetings between Al Fashirri and the natives resulted in violent conflict, but diplomatic envoys forged an agreement between the Al Fashir Caliphate and the Primaries. In return for the Primaries allowing the settling of colonists on the continent Elshabara, and for their nominal loyalty to the Caliph (as members of Ordu Kafiri), the Primaries were allowed to remain independent. Thus, while the Al Fashirri control certain regions, the majority of the world remains in the hands of natives.

Over the years the Al Fashir colonies have prospered and blossomed into cities, with the capital city al-Kanar boasting a sizable spaceport. About 620,000 Al Fashirri now call Ovo home, with new settlers arriving every year as the Caliph is hoping Ovo might become a new major “bread basket” for the Al Fashir Caliphate. The number of Primaries on the planet is unknown, although estimates indicate about one million natives live in the wilderness. These people possess some unique physiological qualities, such as elongated fingers and cat-like night vision; Al Fashir scholars believe them to be changed remnants of a Second Republic colonial effort.


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