Any organizations can be detailed here. Most individual Organizational Ties should have a number of organizations surrounding them.


Aesir, The Tribes of Posthuman barbarians on the edge of Imperium space who resemble space vikings.
Al-Fashir Caliphate, The Posthuman barbarians on the edge of Imperium space who resemble space Arabs.
Chaldathan Royal Swarm – A hive-like race ruled by many queens which has scourged half of the galaxy twice in the last two decades, but is currently mostly docile.
Desecrated, The A race of symbiotic organisms with a taste for sentient flesh.
Galactic Imperium, The (GI) A major superpower in the galaxy, believe in the sinfulness of technology.
GI The Noble Prolimetri – The great royal houses of the Galactic Imperium
GI The Sectus – The vast religious and paramilitary organization that serves as a cornerstone of the Galactic Imperium.
GI The Shoqueri Guilds – The freemen of the Galactic Imperium that have banded together to protect the knowledge lost and proscribed by the Sectus.
Jith Hegemony, The A mysterious race of high-tech aliens who keep to themselves but brook no interference.


Bastion A secretive organization behind much of the preparation for the defense of the fragile Earth.
Jackal Syndicate, The An Earth-based smuggling organization, thought to be affiliated with the Blackstone family
Khooshai, The A rebellious movement among the Devourer race against the Galactic Imperium’s policy of enslavement and torture.
Sol-Star Cross A sort of spacefaring Red Cross, whose origins are not well known, but exist to provide medical aid and relief wherever it can
Specter Raiders, The An alliance of miners, scavengers and pirates on the Terran Asteroid belt dwarf planet of Vesta
Terran Litagori Undefined
Terran Earth Corps (TEC) Colloquially “Earth Corps” Earth’s ‘executive’ branch of space defense, or ‘the brass’.
TEC - Terran Ring Corps (T.R.C) “Turks”, beneath the TEC, these are Earth’s inhabitants of the massive space rings that protect the earth and it’s orbital space.
TEC - Terran System Corps (T.S.C.) “Tisks”, beneath the TEC, the largest space navy and external colonies fit beneath this auspice.
Whitestones Little is known about this organization at this time.


Zon-Gra Protectorate (ZGP) An allied alien confederation of races dedicated to preserving life.
ZGP - Constellations of Klackon – A loose alliance of races that are part of the Protectorate. Historical enemies of the Rondi
ZGP - Lifari High Council, The the wise and beautiful founding race of the Protectorate, and they know it.
ZGP - Lifari Trade Initiative, The the Primary trade-governing body recognized by the races of the Zon-Gra
ZGP - Lifari Noble Houses, The the ancient great houses of the Lifari, whose stature has stood for thousands of years
ZGP - Lifari Thorn, The the military and educational arm of the Lifari race, with exacting standards of trial and provable skill
ZGP - Nether Corps – Galactic space cops that protect the Zon-Gra Protectorate’s citizens from crime wherever they can.
ZGP - Rondi Confederation – A strong alliance of worlds devoted to military service and defense. Historical enemies of the Klackon
ZGP - Vellian Republic – An imperialistic constitutional monarchy in decline, with throne-in-exile on Qotrosie


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