Onyomi System


Ruler: Ungulliman Sulon
Cathedral: none
Agora: Al Fashir Caliphate
Garrison: 4
Capital: Khorasan
Jumps: 1
Tech Level: 6
Human Population: 3 billion
Alien Population: ?
Resources: agriculture, industry, trade, fashion
Exports: contraband, cybernetics tech, textiles

Solar System

Star: Ashur (orange star)
Planet Name* Distance from Star Notes
Tamuz 0.21AU
Dzilbuq 0.41AU
Onyomi 1.12AU
(Starport Xanadu) Spacestation
Barida 5.62AU 2 moons
Zurfan/Gharfan 36.99-37.01AU 174 moons
Dzahab 48.03AU
Jump gate 55.02AU

Onyomi is a naturally First Earth-like world with a low axial tilt gifting it a mild turn of seasons. The world is dominated by the supercontinent Khwarezm surrounded by subcontinents, large islands and archipelagos.

It was first colonized in GD 3525; Onyomi was conceived as a resort world. Even after it was absorbed into the Second Republic (GD 3770) it continued to exist primarily as a tourist destination. The famed Starport Xanadu was constructed in orbit in GD 3950. When the Fall came to Onyomi (GD 4050) the population fractured in to piety fiefdoms. When the Aesir began raiding Onyomi (GD 4350), they found the world too entrenched rivalries to unite against them, and today the populace is divided between “native” groups and those descending from Aesir settlers.

The world sports a great number of Second Republic artifacts and even technological installations, including the enormous StarPort Xanadu, and much of its economic effort goes into maintaining these in lieu of a resource-based economy. The 3 billion strong population of Onyomi are often considered greedy, boorish, and vulgar. Indeed, the morals of Onyomi are the morals of the marketplace; culture and spirituality are discarded for the hard realities of profit and loss. The world is greatly dependent on trading for resources with other worlds has made Onyomi the commercial heart of the Al Fashir Caliphate.

The merchant souls of the Onyomin people affects the pilgrimage itself, as nearly all Onyomins who travel off-world are considered quite wealthy by Al Fashir standards, and custom dictates that their wealth be shared with their fellow pilgrims. Many who claim the title hajji have done so only after a single jump to Erem and back, and although this practice is acceptable on Onyomi other Al Fashirri regard such a brief and easy pilgrimage as an act of hypocrisy and impiety.


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