Odium System

Ruler: Imperial/Desecrated (contested)
Cathedral: Orthodox/Celeric Order
Agora: The Monstrum
Garrison: 9
Capital: Darmak Station
Jumps: 3
Tech Level: 6
Human Population: 70,000 (estimated)
Alien Population: Unknown
Resources: Minerals, deuterium
Exports: None

Solar System

Star: Judgement (Dull red star)
Planet Name Distance from Star Notes
Blood 0.453 AU Small, mercury-like
Ubix 0.82 AU Toxic storms; 2nd Republic had mining operations; Technology no long exists to sustain mining operations here
Celadon 1.23 AU Wet world with a light atmosphere
(Gozo) (moon) Hosts an old mining facility that now acts as an Imperial military base
Odium 1.93 AU Under constant threat of being overtaken by the Desecrated, several garrisons of troops here.
(Martyr) (moon) Light atmosphere; Firebombed; Desecrated attempted to claim the moon recently, denied by orbital bombardment
(Ventris) 2.53 AU Spacestation
Sargasso Belt 3.573-4.23 AU Asteroid belt; Desecrated raiders hide out here
Krag 15.742 Gas giant; Three moons
(Caltrop) (moon)
(Least) (moon)
(Mulwen) (moon) Jungle world; Compromised by Desecrated
Vixen 31.12 Ice world; Unbreathable atmosphere; Desecrated live under the ice
(Predator) (moon)
(Prey) (moon)
Jump gate 45.62 AU

Odium is the hotly contested world that forms a bulwark against the Desecrated, and is home to the powerful Imperial Odium Garrison, the best collection of troops in the Galactic Imperium (next to the Imperial Guard). Little is known about the Desecrated-claimed worlds beyond Odium, since those that have gone out have not been allowed to return, despite their radio claims of being whole and uncorrupted by what they saw. Before they can deliver their full reports, their ships are destroyed to prevent organic infection from entering Posthuman space. Those legionnaires who have survived their tours of duty here are shaken and hollow men, scarred by what they have seen on the battlefields of Odium.


Discovered early in the Diaspora, it was originally called Shiraz, and then later Sepulcher. It was highly geologically active. A few minor mining colonies were established at first, then a few post-human fire-cultists came to settle (the first followers of Zeth who had heard his first sermon). According to Sectus myth, St. J’Waltan sacrificed himself in GD 2993 to appease the world, causing the geological activity to stop.

The Second Republic era saw the population grow despite the ineffectiveness of terraforming efforts. The Sectus brought the cult, (briefly called Agniites) into the fold during this era. After the fall, the al-Yazata and Shoqëri Guilds ruled the world until the 50th century, when the Desecrated invaded.

Refugees flooded nearby sectors and the al-Yazata handed control of the world to the Regency. The Sectus was forced to recognize psychics and Celerics due to their usefulness in fighting the Desecrated. During the Primacy Wars, the Deacos garrison commander Countess Carmetha took the garrison off world to attack the al-Yazata. Most of the soldiers were killed by an unrelated alien attack in a night assault. The Desecrated then attacked the badly weakened and virtually defenseless Imperial forces that were left on Odium, occupying most of the world. Sylan, the last human occupied city, was about to fall when Chryselios arrived and routed the Desecrated at what is now known as the Miracle of Sylan. The troops here remain very loyal to Chryselios.

The world is now under blockade by the Imperial Navy under pain of death. The current Garrison consists of a major Sectus Legion, the 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 11th Legions, and the Scions of Zethl (a Monk Militas Legion).

The 7th and 11th legions mainly specialize in cavalry and air support. The 5th and 9th are based in Sylan and are mainly infantry units. The Scions of Zeth, based in the garrisoned city of Darmak but with companies in Sylan, consists of equal parts elite infantry and cavalry. Warriors of Alectryon soldiers are assigned to various units throughout Odium, in space and planetside.


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