Novgeret System


Ruler Warlord Gurvis Gormluck
Cathedral None
Agora Aesir
Garrison Unknown
Capital Kornir
Tech 5
Human Population 225,000
Alien Population Unknown
Jumps: 1
Resources: minerals, pearling, forestry, agriculture
Exports: foods, lumber, woodcraft, luxuries (furs, Know Stones)

Solar System

Star: Fron (orange-red star)
Planet Name Distance from Star Notes
Rapuchel 0.40AU
Minsk 0.8AU
Novgeret 1.03AU
(Ursus) moon
Kabatchni 4.83AU
Illyana 10.36AU
(Kervon) moon
(Mitusk) moon
Torosk 32.23AU 24 moons
Cirili 45.6AU rings, 43 moons
Jump gate 62.72AU

Novgeret is a wet hell. The globe is covered in a peaceful green canopy, the jungle extending to all latitudes. Beneath the canopy death stalks in countless forms, and staying on top of the food chain is a full time job here. Animals are classified not by species or family but by how it hunts and kills; tusked, fanged, taloned, poisonous, acidic, electrical, winged, chameleon, or combinations thereof. Within this rainy nightmare, however, are rich resources to be harvested, including: exquisite pearls beyond price, high-quality furs both stylish and resilient, the shimmering Know Stones (said to reveal if the bearer lies or is in love), and the unique hycla wood (highly shapeable hardwood).


Aesir colonists discovered the planet sometime in the 4700s GD, and for centuries this world was considered too dangerous to colonize and was often used for dumping political adversaries. Thane Shavjh the Usurper is said to have marooned all his father’s advisors here when they rebelled against his rise to power. Since then, many hardy Aesir settlers have tried to tame the wilderness, but the ecology is severe and allows little time for farming and community building.

The minor Tovki thane Larag Voltr, who was fleeing from a vendetta on Frisvold, together with the runecaster Sigful Stormhair, established the first successful Novgeret settlement in 4903 GD. The two exiled men, together with their households, initially sought only a temporary lair where they could rebuild their strength. But although life on Novgeret was very harsh, returning to Frisvold meant certain death to the exiles, and the planet’s riches proved very valuable for the two.

The Tovki settlement Kornir was established near a freshwater lake, and Sigful Stormhair cast powerful runes to cleanse the area of local fauna, turning the soil around the town barren and dead, the settlement sustaining itself primarily on the fishing. Soon the settlement began adapting their Aesir Tribe’s forte to this world: the domestication, training, and breeding of wild animals, securing them a foothold on the harsh world. Across the lake from Kornir, a makeshift spaceport was chiseled out of the jungle, and today the spaceport still has but a few facilities. A few rotting hulks of dead ships cluster around the blackened clearing used as makeshift buildings and cannibalized for spare parts.

The some 225,000 Aesir that call Novgeret home are all Tovki, but they lack representation in the Great Althing on Hraban. In fact, other Aesir rarely visit the planet and only a handful of merchants make annual trips there, even though the population is eager to trade and have hoarded large stocks of native goods. It is rumored however, that a secret Lakol colony has been established somewhere on Novgeret, for whatever reason.


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