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SABeyondIcon.jpgThis is our wiki. It serves as a starting point for our shared galaxy. From here you can add and edit info about our campaign, characters, worlds, items and races. With such a vast galaxy out there, this game depends on the players adding to the Wiki, so please don’t be shy! Details about getting started using wiki language are below in the Page Editing Details below. But now, on to the good stuff!

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Proto-stars: How to begin.

IconSetting.jpgSetting overview – If you are new to this game, start learning here about the custom galaxy of Silver Age Beyond. Useful for backstory, and vital once your characters have left the cradle of the Earth for the Beyond.
IconCreation.jpgCharacter Creation – Everything you need to know to build a character to roam the galaxy. Will not contain much guidance about roaming the halls of a local high school on a little blue planet called Earth however.
IconChrisperience.jpgChrisperience and Gaining XP – Grow your protagonist with rules for gaining and spending experience. This game will provide low-level XP for gameplay, much greater amounts can be made by adding to our shared universe.
IconOOC.jpgOut of Character Resources – Tools for fleshing out our characters and worlds. Everything from alien name generators to solar system generators to any number of other resources, in addition to player added tools.

Beyond Beginnings: The Edge of the Universe

IconCharacters.jpg Characters – NPC’s and Player Characters both mortal and alien, and any other esoteric personalities. Add your character to earn Chrisperience.

IconGalaxy.jpg Milky Way Galaxy – The Void is almost endless, and the stars know no bounds, but here are some of the many places characters may seek, or have explored.
IconItems.jpg Items – Artifacts and Items of Power from many explorations, everything from weapons, armor, vehicles and magical and super-powered objects.

IconOrganizations.jpg Organizations – From alien armies to bands of roving space pirates, these are some of the many organizations and groups available to our protagonists to encounter.
IconRaces.jpg Races – The stars are teeming with life, and the many races among them can be found here. By the time we’ve played awhile, this section will be quite full.

IconTechLevel.jpg Tech Levels – Not every system is created equal. Some races languish in the stone age, while others reach for the stars. Here’s a handy guide to Tech Levels.

Other Topics

1 Armor Common armor, armor mods and personal shields in the galaxy
2 Artifacts and Relics Remnants of Primmortal tech, Holy Relics of the All-Maker
- Banking Where citizens of the great galactic societies keep their currency
3 Beasts Creatures encountered in space or on alien worlds
4 Computers Computational devices and programming languages
5 Currency The value of the coin and coinage of the galaxy
6 Food Some of the many unique edible items commonly available throughout the Milky Way
- Garrisons A description of the military forces arrayed across the galaxy
7 Goods, Gear, Tools & Services Trade goods and costs for common commodities, gear and services
8 High Tech Substances Substances created through high tech processes.
- Hyperflight How faster-than-light travel works inside solar systems and outside of them.
- Passage Costs Costs of travelling throughout the galaxy.
- Religions Many of the myriad religions of the Milky Way
- Starships Everything you ever wanted to know about starships in the galaxy
- Unique Powers For cosmic-level games, I’ve needed to add a few new powers to the game.
9 Vehicles Common vehicles and costs throughout the galaxy
- Wages The worth of work in the galaxy for a variety of vocations and tasks
10 Weapons Weapons of various tech levels from around the galaxy.

Below this is just info on how to use this wiki.

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