Lifari High Council, The

Bureaucrats, nobles, philosophers, and mediators, the Lifari High Council is considered the greatest trade union in the galaxy. The Council was formed with the mission to expand trade across the stars in harmonious balance with other races. There are five branches of the Council: the four Vaun, or respected seats; and one Mehan, or divergent seat. Together they work to settle political and trade disputes in the hope of building strong and lasting relationships with all amicable races.

The Miana’va – The seat of aristocracy and privilege. It is the job of this branch to understand, emulate, and take into greatest consideration the highest of every race’s social ladder. When disputes between two races come before the council, two of the Miana’va respectively take up the arguments of the representative leadership.

The Ditania’va – The seat of bureaucratic development and progressive political agendas. It is the job of this branch to learn, deconstruct, and digest the economic and sociopolitical practices of other races. There are always three occupied seats of the Ditania’va at every council meeting to interject cultural objections during moderation. A Ditani is the most likely to be sent on diplomatic missions.

The Pyra’va – The seat of moderation and control. Considered the hardest job of the council, a Pyri is present to be the empathic bridge between two parties, a point of quiet and unbiased judgement. The Pyra’va spend much of their time in mental training in order to guard themselves from mental intrusion while also expanding the symbiotic properties of the Lifari race in order to reach external equilibrium. At least one Pyri is present at all council meetings, but rarely speaks.

The Ombri’va – The seat of philosophical contemplation and reconciliation. The purpose of the Ombri’va is to consider the ramifications of actions taken and direct the council into further discussion. Of the seats, they are the least interested in the interest of single individuals, but rather the galaxy as a whole. The greatest number of attendants at any given meeting is often Ombrin.

The Protera’meha – The seat of the Lifari military. Often seen as the black sheep of the council, and often considered to be over protective and too hard line, the Protean Force is the fisrt and last line of defense of the Lifari race. Their place on the council is meant to be as an adviser on the security interests of Zoa and the Lifari as a whole. The Grand Protean is the only member of the Protera-mehan allowed to speak at council meetings, so the seat is often a virtual one.

Lifari High Council, The

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