Lemminki System


Ruler: Duchess Catherine Dodekatheon
Cathedral: Monk Militas/ Orthodox
Agora: Open
Garrison: 7
Capital: Hakkonen
Jumps: 1
Tech Level: 5
Human Population: 700,000
Alien Population: 12,000
Resources: Galateum, Agriculture, Prisons
Exports: Galateum, Giant Vegetables, Refugees, Cutting Edge Med-Tech

Solar System

Star: Suryan (giant red star)
A giant red star with an elaborate and beautiful ring structure extending almost 1.5AU. The ring is composed of micro fine ionized dust that forms a layer only with width of a gain of sand. The ring’s alignment with the plain of the ecliptic means that it is all but invisible to observers on Lemiankainen and those travelling between that planet and the Jump gate. Only when a ship ventures for the plain of the ecliptic can it view the magnificent phenomena. Some nobles have been known to take tours of the ring spectacle, but the threat of raiders in ever present in the system and most choose not to take such risks.
Planet Name Distance from Star Notes
Nax 0.7524 AU Desolate molten world due to increase of star’s corona; Once a rocky planet with 2nd republic science bases
Lemminki 1.9892 AU Only planet with life-sustaining atmosphere
(Staltos) moon Bombed remains of great cities that once survived under pressure domes, but were destroyed by the same noble fleet that bombed Lemminiki’s own cities by order of the Patriarch
(Cox) moon Bombed remains of great cities that once survived under pressure domes, but were destroyed by the same noble fleet that bombed Lemminiki’s own cities by order of the Patriarch
(Momerath) moon Bombed remains of great cities that once survived under pressure domes, but were destroyed by the same noble fleet that bombed Lemminiki’s own cities by order of the Patriarch
Shylkor 3.2985 AU Seized by Aesir during Primacy Wars; Spaceport, possible weapons caches; Windy, dust storms
Tantalus 21.6524 AU Primordial, volcanic world w/a thin oxygen atmosphere; Visited by Bogovi Genetechs, House Dextriton and the Ingenium
Ivald 31.4428 AU Highly volcanic and extremely radioactive (beyond what humans can protect against)
Mord 48.31054 AU In middle of asteroid belt, it is desolate & highly cratered; Rumors of an ancient Diasporan research colony
Bilgo 95.1241 AU Icy asteroid-pitted world
Jumpgate 101.5827 AU

Cast in the sanguine hue of its dying red star, the color spectrum is heavily distorted on Lemminki, the dominance of the red portion of the visible spectrum most colors from the green to blue portion appear darker, or as black. Though reds appear richer and yellows more orange.

From space, Lemminki then appears to be an anomaly amongst the worlds of the Falcon Empire. It’s great oceans appear black, its land masses appear reddish brown or with dark almost purple-ish areas of vegetation. The cloud cover is cast pink or orange. Despite its strange appearance Lemminki is a lush and verdant world, though it owes much of its survival to the extensive bioengeering conducted during the last days of the Second Republic. By all rights Lemminki should be a desert world, but somehow it continues to bloom. A planet of stark contrasts, Lemminki is both a border world at the far end of Dodekatheon space and yet hosts many jump routes.

Shallow blue oceans cover 70% of Lemminki, with mighty green forests carpeting much of the land, interrupted by large red deserts on two of its five continents. Lemminki should have been a desert world, but despite baking temperatures and dry climate it retains a lush covering of genetically engineered flora. The planet’s three moons cause massive tidal swells in the shallow oceans and areas flooded at high tide can be 50 miles or more from the shore at low tide. The coastal regions are often hit by titanic storms that rumble out of the storm belt to wreak havoc.

Lemminki is now the system’s second satellite and the only planet with a life-sustaining atmosphere. The planet’s three moons cause unpredictable tidal swells and are considered to be three sister goddesses by the Aesir barbarians, they also hold a special place in the pantheon of the surviving Gjarti on the planet. All three moons have the bombed remains of great cities that once survived under pressure domes, but were destroyed by the same noble fleet that bombed Lemminki’s own cities by order of the Patriarch.


Discovered in 25th century, this world was viewed as a research world and scientific laboratory by First Republic Posthuman god-corporations. Early pantheons seeded the world with experimental plants and fertilizers, making it one of the largest food exporters pre-Fall. House Dextriton was originally a bio-weapons based pantheonic corporation. Now they are a vassal of House Messapii, and still control land on Kriel.

Perhaps then somewhat ironically, this is also the world where the Prophet Zeth first met Ven Lohji, and is the homeworld of Gjarti religion. However, this makes sense once one understands that the original pantheonic interests allowed freedom of religion, so long as they continued to make their profit.

The world was excommunicated and bombarded by the Sectus in the 43rd century, and a Dodekatheon civil war prevented aid from reaching the planet for years. When the star expanded it caused global catastrophe, causing new species of plant and animal life to appear that could withstand the heat and dryness.

In GD 4525, barbarians invaded (the Aesir), using bioweapons that killed a third of the population. Bouts of plague still surface from time to time. A treaty with the Aesir in GD 4965 gave the continent of Valdalla to the barbarians as a semi-autonomous fiefdom. As a result, there is a strong Inquisition & Temple Idristi presence, which the Sectus does little to restrain.


Jyväskylä is ruled personally by Duchess Catherine Dodekatheon, who hates the Aesir but abides by the Treaty of Teldor as long as the Aesir adhere to it themselves.

The Blood Desert is a prominent desert of red sand (from oxidized metals). It was once a major mining and industrial region, but was heavily bombed and virtually no human activity occurs here anymore. Rumors run rampant that the desert is home to Changed cultists and Second Republic monstrosities that roam freely. However, there has recently been discovered deposits of Galateum. Imperial oversight of the few remaining active mines has been denied by the Dodekatheons. The Inquisition makes accusations of apostasy and “monster making” in the area, no doubt in part because of an Ingenium run research lab on Tesla Island, off the southern coast.

The Northern part of this continent is home to numerous high-yield farms and dense forest. The western part is barren but has rare minerals and sparse mining activity; it is also subject to massive tornado activity (sometimes up to 10 per day!). The Southern part of the continent is densely forested, but the soil is thin and dusty and any strong winds can blow over trees. The southern forests are known for bouts Kessler’s Plague, and suffer from bio-bombings by Barbarians.

The planet’s capital city of Hakkonen can be found on this continent, located on the edge of the Blood Desert. There is a heavy Mōnstrum presence in the city due to the dangers emanating from the desert. This is all the more important given the presence in the city of the Crimson Palace and the Morali Cathedral – an eight-sided Sectus Cathedral with one of the largest libraries in the Imperium. The city is also home to the planet’s main spaceport and a major naval base. (310,000 population)

Grikkor is ruled by the Duke Redoran Dodekatheon, who works hard to maintain peace with the Aesir due to his proximity to them. Originally this region was controlled by Olympuscorp Interstellar, today it consists primarily of a small and dispersed population of hardy farmers who are mostly engaged in subsistence farming. The southern Mikkelshire Region produces massive excessives of Scarlet Wheat and Giant Vegetables

Calm weather and tectonically stable, Grikkor is noted for its unusually large number of Husk plagues. Rumors run wild of Changed, antinomists and Second Republic monsters, resulting in much Idristite activity. Many bandits and barbarians (who do not feel bound by the Treaty of Teldor) have become increasingly violent throughout the region in recent years.

The capital of the province, Dyrak, has advanced food production, but transportation difficulties, corruption and barbarians make distribution difficult. There is a major airport in the city however, as well as the planet’s main agora, but despite these (or perhaps because of them…), food distribution remains difficult. Because of the agora, there is a strong guild presence, especially Mahyah Nostra (which has attracted Idristite attention).

The city of Sardan is a pleasure resort town on northern coast for the ultra-rich. It also has a large airport used by vacationers to get in and out of the city in comfort. The inquisition wants to shut the city down, but it is too valuable to most factions as a den of iniquity and intrigue. (310,000 population)

This region was ceded to the Aesir by the Treaty of Teldor. The current governor is Thorium Ukrops, a very aggressive Aesir chieftain who is prone to breaking the Treaty. He offers gruding respect to the Dodekatheons but despises the Sectus. Technically the people of this region owe allegiance to the Dodekatheons, but really they are mostly autonomous. Mostly they are pagans and Gjartins, and rumors exist of rune-casters as well. The barbarians here are currently at war with the Isalight Fiefdom and the Cortran Barony, claiming they attacked first. The barbarians are using relatively advanced technology to fight their enemies, another violation of the Treaty of Teldor.

Also in Valdalla is the Cortran Barony, ruled by the Baron Antonius Cortran Dodekatheon. The people here have a very martial tradition, and are bitter over the loss of most of their land to the barbarians and the family’s willingness to trade their land for peace with the barbarians. The land is wracked by 500 miles of trench warfare along the border with the Aesir lands. The Baron believes the Bogovi are supplying the Aesir with weapons – they have found Bogovi-made Radium Blasters on some barbarians. The Barony has long been on a war economy and much of their on going war effort is financed by wealthy donors from amongst the political elite of the Dodekatheon family. Relations with the barbarians of Valdalla are hostile as would be expected, but there is a grudging respect for their prowess on the field of battle. The Cortran Dodekatheon’s had always regarded Isalight as a potential ally in their struggle, but then to suffer aggression from their flank has brought about a bitter divide between the two fiefdoms.

To the north of the fief lies the Shimir Peaks a high range of mountains that acts as a natural bulwark against the barbarians of the Valdalla, the mountain passes have long been a strategic holding, seeing many battles fought between the two sides. Cortran is a roughly triangular peninsula, bordered on its remaining sides by the Sedat Ocean, the Isalight Channel, and the Angol Sea to the east. The Barony is heavily fortified with great maxicrete blocks placed along its shoreline to prevent the barbarians from making landings with vehicles or heavy armor. Pillboxes are dug in to both the mountain passes and as coastal fortifications, and the Angol Sea has been laid with mines, to prevent barbarian landings.

The Cortran Fiefdoms were established in the aftermath of the 4208 GD pogrom against Lemminiki and awarded as a duchy to Duke Askarus Cortran Dodekatheon, he relocated his family from Delphi and subdivided his holdings between his children and favored advisors. When the barbarian invasions flooded the Known Worlds in 4525, much of the planet fell to the invaders, the Cortran Fiefdoms banded together and fought with unity and tenacity loosing only fringe holdings, but the barbarians came again in GD 4963 the Cortran were sure of their martial prowess, but their defenses crumbled before the barbarians, one by one each of the Cortran holding were over run until only the barony remained.

(200,000 population)

Fiefdom of Isalight (House Vasalayana)
This autonomous kingdom is ruled by King Sasha Vasalayana, a nominal Dodekatheon ally who is considered to be honorable. After repelling Aesir incursions in GD 4998, then King Vaclav II attacked the Dodekatheon Cortran Barony in GD 4999. King Vaclav II died shortly thereafter under mysterious circumstances.

Sir Erasius Henry Dodekatheon, a popular knight and favorite nephew of Princess Victoria, was killed while in this fiefdom. Erasius’ body was returned to the Dodekatheons as a show of good faith by the new king (Sasha). The body showed signs of the Knight having been tortured, which has cause many to suspect Bogovi involvement. There are many in House Dodekatheon who want House Vasalayana destroyed for its role in the Erasius affair, even though the Vasalayana have formally offered to make restitution.

(40,000 population)

Ruled by the Baroness Latera al-Yazata, this jungle island has successfully resisted the barbarian invasion. Noted for high art and civilization, the island is a beacon for artists, poets and scholars. The wealth of the island is a magnet for the world’s many pirates and brigands, though automated defenses have kept them at bay so far.

(10,000 population)

Ruled by “Duke” Honorius Messappi, this fief is home to the remnant of House Dextriton, long since absorbed by House Messapii. House Dextriton has become thoroughly barbaric and have a roach-like ability to survive anything, although they do have superior medical skills and technology. This island also serves a penal colony for violent criminals from throughout Dodekatheon space. “Changed” corsairs operate from the island as well.

(10,000 population)

Ruled by Master Gridjz Kodak, this island was given to the Ingenium in GD 4965 for unspecified services. It is home to an Ingenium research facility. To protect their privacy, the engineers have heavily mined the waters around the island. Officially research here focuses on zoology, medical technology and new engine technology. What really goes here on is anybody’s guess…

(10,000 population)

Vree is a hiding place for many pirates, escaped serfs and a suspected cabal of antinomists. Three small towns of legitimate subjects do eek out a living, but one of constant fear from lawless elements.

(10,000 population)

Mog is a small, forested island that was previously used for nuclear testing and bio-weapon research. Today it is rife with plague and inhabited only by giant, mutant insects. An ancient House Dextriton research facility is rumored to exist here, but nobody is willing to attempt to reclaim it. The island is patrolled by the Dodekatheon Navy and access is strictly forbidden by House Law.

The Teldor/Imperial Annex Zone
Controlled by the Monk Militas, this zone is heavily fortified with Taggart Forts and is patrolled by Dodekatheon ships. A Taggart Fort is a maxicrete structure poured over pre-fab ceramsteel ribbings. This zone represents the bulwark against Barbarian aggression. Because of its vulnerable position, it hosts a spaceport and naval base for conducting operations against the barbarians. Access to the islands is highly restricted to authorized personnel only.


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