krays watch guard station


Kray’s watch is a Second Republic guard station that runs on technology that can no longer be repaired. That said it is extremely powerful, with both weapons and armaments that rival some dreadnought-class warships. Nothing gets past it that it does not allow, or so the rumors among the Galactic Imperium say.

The first and last line of defense in the Parapet System, getting a duty on Kray’s Watch is a bit like being pt out to pasture, as it’s many AU from any other habitable world, and boring, and the sort of place that nobody in the Amatsukami Home Fleet wants to be assigned for long.

Floating above the last planet in the system, Kray’s Watch is a testament to the majesty of Second Republic tech, if, say the poor home guard Amatsukami troops stationed here, you consider patchwork hard-light conduits and an intermittently faulty fusion grid to be majestic.


krays watch guard station

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