Kavicenna System


Ruler Saji Sakhr al-Makin
Cathedral None
Agora Al-Fashir Caliphate
Garrison Unknown
Capital Azhar
Tech 7
Human Population 3 Billion
Alien Population Unknown
Jumps: 2
Resources: industry, agriculture
Exports: foods, textiles, weapons tech, industrial tech, vehicles

Solar System

Star: Raeh (yellow-white star)
Planet Name Distance from Star Notes
Umar 0.38AU
Sishary/Kaduls 0.73AU
Kavicenna 1.20AU
(Nizam) moon
(Hasan) moon
Esmarit 3.21AU
(Dhaun) moon
(Mahr-Lu) moon
(Baakun) moon
Bulayik 7.81AU 11 moons (including those below)
(Bayroun) moon
(Tcheli) moon
(Al Qiits) moon
(Khulrij) moon
Nitzech 17.03AU
Kwaido 33.08AU Rings, 8 moons (including those below
(Uwarid) moon
( Alif Rimaan) moon
(Furaydeh) moon
(Qalindargul) moon
Buruz 59.06AU 47 moons
Alyut 71.02AU
Jump gate 88.03AU

Kavicenna was a naturally First Earth-like world when discovered, though after centuries of Posthuman habitation, the Second Republic installed environmental engines to counter the build up of industrial pollutants and restore the world to its paradise status (GD 3753). The planet has only a slight axial tilt, with mild seasons, small polar ice caps and broad temperate zones covered in grassland plains and light forests. The planet’s landmass comprises approximately 30% of its surface, and is divided into six continents. The flora and fauna of Kavicenna closely resembles that of First Earth, few indigenous species survive to the present, having been displaced by imported First Earthish stock.

Discovered shortly after Bleed’s Boon (GD 2500), the jump road between Suty and Kavicenna a major trade route during the Diaspora. Although the jump road is believed to be open between these two worlds, all Ingress Keys for this route ceased to function sometime during the early Foundation Era (GD. 3050). Kavicenna was a seat of learning during the late Diaspora and the early Second Republic and many great intellects were educated it its universities, amongst them Heru Abdalim (Saint Horace). The Madrasa al-Azhar university was the resting place of Saint Horace’s “Book of Revealings”, and a place of pilgrimage early faithful of the Universal Sectus (GD 2900). During civil unrest in GD 4819, Kutukti Baghira entrusted the sacred book and many other lesser relics into the care of the Caliph.

The current population of Kavicenna counts some 3 billion souls, and is a very cosmopolitan culture having influences from countless worlds spanning the history of Posthuman interstellar travel. The world’s infrastructure remains high tech with a democratic world government and advanced communication and transport network.

Although subordinated to the Caliph, Kavicenna had been at odds with the Caliphate for centuries, formally declared its independence in 4998 GD. This independence is primarily political and philosophical. As a result, Kavicenna is currently ruled by local and global representative democracies, although the world remains subordinated to the Caliph and the Caliphate controls all travel and off-world resources in the Kavicenna system.


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