Hrim System


Ruler Warlord Greolf the Grim
Cathedral None
Agora Aesir
Garrison Unknown
Capital Hostogrod
Tech 6
Human Population 41 million
Alien Population 1 million Stoucrix
Jumps: 3
Resources: industry, ores, forestry, fossil fuels, aquiculture
Exports: refined ores, lumber, foods

Solar System

Star: Asjhar (small blue white star)
Planet Name Distance from Star Notes
Steoora 0.81AU
Hrim 2.15AU
(Offrain) moon
Hyrde 22.15AU
(Trum) moon
(Swidost) moon
(Tobrecan) moon
(Weard) moon
Granite 30.88AU 52 moons
Lostfall 36.21AU
Jump gate 48.63AU

Hrim is a world held in a cryogenic state, and only in the equatorial region is there a change of season with the slackening of winter’s grip. Three great continents, Torden, Hrefnawu, and Norskjerne, only poke out from beneath permafrost during the brief change of seasons. In the height of summer, the Manneskinn Sea becomes a hazard of ice flows that endangers shipping.


Hardened hunters and obscure religious groups from Fenrir settled Hrim sometime between 2900s-3100s GD. The first settlers seem to have found raiding necessary to survive, and they were the forefathers of the Drenjar Nation. When Hrim joined the Second Republic, the planet was theoretically under control of a governor, but this soon became the elected seat of the strongest pirate captain. After the Fall, the pirating culture of Hrim swiftly spread to other worlds, and Hrim colonists established themselves forcibly on Fenrir, while Lamorak and Khotan often suffered raids. At home Hrim remained largely in strife with various pirate lords warring against each other, occasionally capturing the entire world for themselves for short periods before being toppled by another.

Hrim was finally united in 4860 GD, when the Desecrated pushed into Aesir space. Hellish battles were fought on Hrim herself, and the death toll climbed high among the defending natives. Using the excursions of the Desecrated menace as an excuse, Hrim began to solidify power away from local communities into the hands of powerful thanes. By the 4900s GD, six families were carving princedoms out of the freedom-loving kingless society. Hafdan the Red, Prince of one such family, defeated his strongest rival and cemented a series of alliances which soon left him in control of the entire planet. Looking outward, he began a series of wars to cement Aesir unity, but his plans fell to ruin at the hands of Orin On-Arm of Fenrir. In 4987 GD, the shaman-trained Greolf the Grim, claimed the title of Warlord and cemented his domination over the world.

Hrim’s capitol is Hostogrod, found near the equator north of the “green zone”, the fertile lands which form the power base of Greolf the Grim. North of Hostogrod lays the Vanskel Mountain Range a region renowned for its skilled warriors.

In the southern hemisphere lies the continent of Torden, claimed to be the original home of the Drenjar. Sjarmborg is the greatest city, from which ships leave to pray on other worlds nearly every season. This violent place is full of warriors, pirates and fierce tradesmen. The local thanes resent the rule of Hostogrod, remembering when Hrim’s leaders once ruled from Torden.

Hrim, steeped in Drenjar martial culture that values personal prowess, ambition, and courage, is home to some 41 million Humans. There is a sizable Stoucrix community, descendants from Republican Stoucrix shock troops left behind in 3997 GD. They live in huge cavern-cities underneath the mountains, and have largely reverted to a primitive life.


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