Hellespont System


Ruler: Warlord Svardk the One-eyed
Cathedral: None
Jumps: 3
Tech Level: 3
Garrison: 4 ( Aesir)
Capital: Hella
Human Population: Less than 10,000
Alien Population: Unknown (Desecrated)
Resources: minerals, ores, forestry, agriculture
Exports: Badassed battle-tested Aesir

Solar System

Star: Myl (white dwarf star)
Planet Name Distance from Star Notes
Myl’s Belt 1.0-2.5AU
Hellsespont 3.2AU 6 moons
Parmol 7.38AU 7 moons
Sulvus 12.45AU
(Askat) moon
Imorat 23.65AU 3 moons
Corvus 40.36AU 46 moons
Balwindom 75.21AU 82 moons
Kishol 80.6AU
Tactum 147.3 AU
Gates Watch 256.48AU Spacestation
Jump gate 257.11AU


Hellsespont, once a secondary world in this system, barely able to sustain life, is now a green and blue world with extended ice caps reaching into the mid-latitudes. The equatorial zone is temperate, bearing primordial jungles, and life was imported during the Second Republic’s terraforming.


When the Second Republic discovered Hellsespont space around GD 3700 it was the ruins on Parmol, once the primary planet that attracted their attentions. In a distant past, Parmol had been the home of an advanced alien civilization, but when Myl, then a red giant star, collapsed into a white dwarf, all life on Parmol, and most life on Hellsespont, as annihilated. The proto-world of Hellsespont was a harsh and with only the most primitive single celled organisms thriving in its primordial seas. Terraforming began late here (GD 3800) and the first colonists lived with the promise that their descendants would inherit a new world. When the world was lost in the Fall, the terraforming engines continued to function long after the colony had died out.

When the Tribes of Aesir discovered Hellsespont in 4821, they found a world ready for exploitation. The Desecrated arrived in GD 4890, converting many of its inhabitants, and the world has remained a battleground ever since. The Aesir Tribes faced the threat of being overrun by the Desecrated menace, and in GD 4897, Gundar the God-Possessed arrived from Hraban to wreak ruin among the Desecrated. A warrior-shaman, Gundar enjoyed success against the Desecrated invasion and managed to rally the Aesir nations against the common enemy. As ships from a thousand thanes flooded into Hellsespont space to bring battle to the Desecrated, a small scout ship from Hrim detached to land on the jump gate’s surface, carrying the Runecaster Holgoth the Maimed and a small retinue. Realizing that it was only a matter of time before cancerous Desecrated spread throughout the Tribes, Holgoth sacrificed himself to the cold and non-pressure of space and wrought a powerful rune upon the jumpgate that barred active jumps of Desecrated and Desecrated Tech out of Hellsespont space. The Desecrated lost some of their incentive to fight for Hellsespont, and the flood of invaders died down to a steady stream, and for the last century or so the tides of war has continued to swing back and forth between Aesir and Desecrated. Gundar returned to Hraban and gave his war loot to the gods of the Valley of Mist, and then retired to live out his days as a simple hunter and father.

Hellsespont is a world where Aesir warriors prove their mantel and carve out domains for themselves, and no tribe or nation has so far laid claim to it. Here, the Desecrated are regarded as a worthy foe and many honor the “demon-weed people” for giving them the chance to prove themselves in battle.

There has never been a census on Hellsespont, and no-one knows for sure how many Aesir live here, however, it there are likely not more than 10.000 permanent Aesir residents here. Every year a handful of ships arrive with new warriors, but most of them either die on the battlefield or return to their homeworlds when they have sufficiently proven themselves. Some decide to stay, however, and these are regarded as both honorable and mad by most other Aesir.

From the perspective of the Galactic Imperium, this world has been compromised by the Desecrated around the year 4900 GD during their expansion. It is outside the Odium Garrison’s direct abilities to control, and the population of Hellespont have been abandoned by the Galactic Imperium. It is presumed they have been infected. Travel to Hellespont (and all compromised worlds) is forbidden by the Imperium. Any ship caught trying to enter the Galactic Imperium from these planets is destroyed by the Odium Garrison.


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