ReikawRuins.jpgGuardios is under the fiefdom of House Dodekatheon, of the Galactic Imperium but is homeworld to the alien race of Reikaw.

Guardios is also home to the Voavenlohjun sect of the Universal Sectus of the All-Maker, which is the Reikaw sect of the church.

The Dodekatheon allow the Reikaw a large degree of self-government by it’s Ruling Council, the Umo’rin whose members are elected for life by direct popular vote. There are some Primmortal ruins on the Reikaw homeworld.

Ruler: The Umo’rin council, with permission of House Dodekatheon
Cathedral: Voavenlohjun
Agora: Reikaw traders, Limited Shoqëri Guild influence
Garrison: 5
Capital: Loaajen
Jumps: 2
Tech level: 6
Human population: 100,000 (all in Loaajen)
Alien population: 2 billion Reikaw
Resources: ores, minerals, agriculture, ancient ruins
Exports: textiles, exotics (Ancient Primmortal-based Reikaw tech), Reikaw cultural objects, fashion, politics

Solar System

Star: Vemhalon (white-yellow star)
Planet name Distance from Star Notes
Maan 0.23AU
Oaakaven 0.45AU
Olondiel 0.8AU
Guardios 0.95AU
Farhallanen Station (spacestation)
Vena (moon)
Niiteh 4.7AU 7 moons
Thoavoimil 7.8AU
Lhuqennen (moon)
Varzen 25.1AU 3 moons
Jump gate 47.23AU

ReikawMystic.jpgGuardios, the homeworld of the Reikaw, has a landscape similar to First Earth, although the somewhat lower gravity (0.91 G) cause mountains and plants to be taller, scattered with the ruins of the ancient Reikaw civilization. Some regions are still scarred by a civil war (“the Great Desolation) that raged a thousand years ago, harsh desert terrains that hold little life. Most of Guardios is beautifully sculpted with immaculate gardens, sweeping architectures, and long fluted spires. Wide tree-lined avenues characterize the Reikaw ideal of openness and union between civilization and nature.


Posthumanity first encountered the Reikaw people when explorers unlocked the Jump route to Guardios in GD 2797. Profound change in the Reikaw culture would soon follow, and the pre-Posthumanity history is now considered largely mythical. The Reikaw, who had settled their native star system but not achieved Jump-technology, welcomed Posthumanity as technological, and therefore spiritual superiors, similar to how they venerated the Primmortals in prehistoric times. A mutual enamoring between the two species quickly developed, but Posthumanity slowly rose to dominance in the partnership. Reikaw ventured into human space as well, and in GD 2803 the Bintaru priestess Ven Lohji chanced upon the Prophet, a meeting that would forever change Reikaw thinking and Guardios culture. Ven Lohji saw the Prophet as the fulfillment of Bintaru, and when she returned to Guardios after the Prophet’s death in GD 2849, she brought with her a new faith, an amalgam of Bintaru and the Prophet’s message, which spread like wildfire among the spiritually inclusive population. During the Diaspora Posthumanity began to settle on Guardios and soon competed with Reikaw for the planet’s land and resources, but the Umo’rin chose to wage peace on the Posthumans and avoided military actions. A number of Reikaw families also took to the stars to settle on human worlds. When the Stoucrix attacked Criticus in GD 2855 the Reikaw instantly recognized their distant cousins of legend bent on aggression. Guardios threw its full military weight in support of Posthumanity; dispelling any tension between the two species, for in the face of Stoucrixi violence PostPosthumans and Reikaw were one.

ReikawWarrior.jpgDuring the Second Republic, the Reikaw culture became a novelty among Posthumans and Guardios became a tourist trap of Reikaw mania. Being a self-governed and self-sufficient world, Guardios suffered little from the Fall, but when people sought scapegoats for the mounting troubles of the New Dark Age, fingers often pointed to the Reikaw. When an Reikaw terrorist cell was discovered on Guardios in GD 4122, House Dodekatheon stepped in and made the world a Dodekatheon protectorate. Posthuman-Reikaw tension reached an all-time high in GD 4203 when a Ven Lohji priest, Eokésmen ma Dohlenni, began preaching a hateful message of Reikaw supremacy, urging Reikaw not follow the whims of lesser species. His words incited several acts of Reikaw rebellion, provoking the Universal Sectus. Sectus troops harassed Reikaw communities in their search for Eokésmen and the normally placid Reikaw fought back. Soon, a war raged on Guardios between Sectus and Reikaw forces, but the outcome was certain – three months after he started preaching Eokésmen was killed in battle, together with over half a million supporters. Guardios became isolated even by New Dark Age standards as House Dodekatheon limited the access to and from the Reikaw world. Only with the advent of the Primacy Wars was Guardios re-opened as it joined House Dodekatheon in the fight to shape the future of Posthumans and Reikaw alike.

The Umo’rin, a council of representatives elected from Guardios’s provinces and colonies, governs Guardios and the solar system. Although mostly self-governed, the Umo’rin is answerable to House Dodekatheon whose governors keep watch from the consulate in Loaajen, a large sprawling complex housing the Dodekatheon administration, military barracks, and an Ersetu Orthodox church. The Guardios military is small and reserved for planetary defense, yet has sometimes been called upon to fight on behalf of their Dodekatheon overlords. The Vehm-saahen, an ancient Reikaw order of philosopher-knights, are both praised for their prowess and feared on suspicion of be radical militant separatists by Posthumans.

Guardios is home to some 2 billion Reikaw and 100,000 Posthumans (all in Loaajen). The planet has its share of non-conformist groups, most notably the Xho-velisamilun “barbarians” who maintain a tribal society and practice Primmortal paganism, venerating the “Lightbearers”. Another heresy is the Bintaru faith, the native animistic philosophical mysticism, followed by nearly 1/5 of the Guardios population, practicing meditative contemplation to achieve enlightenment. Still, the Ven Lohji faith (“Voavenlohjun”), veneration of the Prophet Zeth’s Reikaw apostle Ven Lohji, is by far the most widespread religion practiced on Guardios. The seat of Voavenlohjun is the Dyan Monastery in the Voor mountain range, where hundreds of Reikaw mystics come each year to contemplate the sacred patterns of Creation.


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