Garrison.jpgA garrison rating represents a general rating of a fleet or forces arrayed on a given planet or within a planetary system.

Some planets may have more than one garrison (such as one per city), and some may have vast fleets that float between worlds and multiple garrisons on the ground, but this is not the norm and would be considered rare unless there is a direct need. Feeding and arming troops is expensive. Space is huge and there are many planets to secure. Garrisons represent a ‘standing army’ so just because a system’s Garrison rating might be lower, doesn’t mean that fleets in neighboring systems won’t muster to help if they get word of an attack.

  • Garrisons should usually not exceed the Tech Level of the world.
  • Contested worlds are likely to have more Garrison resources than uncontested systems.
  • Occupied systems are likely to have more enemy Garrisons than friendly systems. (at least not for long)

Not all worlds or systems follow this rating perfectly, but here’s an example chart:

Level Planet Troops Weaponry
1 Destitute, pacifist serf militia melee
2 Poor Mercenaries slug guns
3 Unimportant Enlisted Army Artillery
4 Average Local Navy Small fleet
5 Minor house Local Royal Guard Frigates
6 Holy Ersetu, proscribed Patriarchal Guard Sectus fleet
7 Trade nexus House Navy, Monstrum mercs Destroyers
8 War time, border world House Marines Monk Militas, Devoted powered warriors, Cruisers
9 Major Prolimetri House homeworld House High Command Flagship & fleet
10 Capital Secundus Imperial Guard Dreadnoughts

This is a standard thing associated with most planets, so if you got here from the dummy planet template, here’s a link to go back to it.

Troop Structure

Troop Type Compliment Commanding Rank Mustering Lord
Legion 10,000 General Duke
Regiment 1000-2000 Colonel Earl
Battalions 2-3 companies Lieutenant Colonel/Major
Company 100-250 Captain Baron
Platoons 50 Lieutenant (Staff Sergeant) Baronet
Squad 12 Corporal Knight
Fireteam 2-6 Private/PFC


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