Galactic Imperium, The

The Galactic Imperium:

FleetMoves.jpgSpanning hundreds of thousands of light years, the Galactic Imperium rules over much of the galaxy. Much like the Byzantine Empire from Earth’s history, they are primarily interested in rekindling a long fallen, yet vast empire, after a long period of medievalisim. The empire is defined by it’s primary religion’s belief that technology is sinful, and only through atonement and religious church dispensation (the church is called The Sectus) can Nobles (known as the Prolimetri or Noble Houses) take on the burden of technology use. Most travel by the Imperium is done via Jump Gates, which require special Ingress Keys to operate, keys which are guarded by a Guild of freemen known as the Shofar, who represents one of the many merchant Shoqëri Guilds.

From a territory perspective Galactic Imperium are a collection of 42 human inhabited planetary systems. These systems were once the center of the Second Republic and are now all that remains of that pinnacle of posthuman civilization. They are considered, mainly by its inhabitants, to be the center of human civilization in the galaxy.

All these planets officially owe allegiance to the Star Throne, currently held by Emperor Chryselios Dodekatheon. The truth however is much more nuanced: the central government is relatively weak and local rulers may chose to ignore edicts issued by the government. Further complicating things is the fact that the worlds of the Imperium are divided into several factions.

SectusInquisition.jpgEach world possess a mix of technological levels going from near First Earth Dark Ages to Second Republic. Their inhabitants are only vaguely aware of where they are in relation to other inhabited worlds in real space, despite the re-emergent science of astronomy.

The most important characteristic is the lack of any form of faster-than-light communication. News often travels by word of mouth and the Town Criers.

The orders of the central government, located in Capital Secundus, have therefore to be carried by a courier ship. This takes a considerable amount of time, and local rulers and officials simply don’t have the time to inform the capital and then to wait for instructions and orders. As a consequence they have to investigate, evaluate, judge and decide all pressing matters by themselves. This gives them a considerable amount of leeway, personal power and autonomy.

Imperial fiefs

Capital Secundus, capital of the Imperium
Odium, a garrison world

Sectus fiefs

Holy Ersetu, political and religious center

Shoqëri Guild worlds

Guildheim, political center

House Dodekatheon

Omphalos, political center

House al-Yazata


House Bogovi


House Amatsukami

Ekka (Ka’Hadan)

House Atzlánti


House Beni Chorfa


Shared planets

Scarab – Jith
Ashamoneto – Jith

Beyond the borders of the Imperium are the feared Barbarians, alien empires and lost worlds.

The Prolimetri (Noble Houses):

The Noble Prolimetri (or Major or Royal) houses of the Galactic Imperium.

Barbarians (Fallen Worlds and Alien Trade Confederations):

Cut off for centuries by the fall of the great galactic civilizations past, the Barbarians lost much of the use of their technology, and what they have they often barely understand, which makes them incredibly dangerous.

What the Imperium considers barbarians sometimes stretches the definition, however, as it includes the Zon-Gra Protectorate, a faction made up of a detailed and interconnected confederation of aligned trade worlds, mostly alien races and the Aesir, children of the Norse Posthumans and savage warriors.

The Sectus (Universal Sectus of the All-Maker)

The Universal Sectus of the All-Maker is largest religious organization in galactic history with over 2000 years of history. It was formed after the death of the prophet Zeth by Phaedrus Synon. Within the church are five main groups who vie for power with each other. Beneath them are many minor sects. In some forms the Sectus is authoritarian and uncompromising in others it is charitable and compassionate.

The Shoqëri Guilds: (The Merchants)

The major merchants guilds combine the central core of the Shoqëri, they are the few, the proud the powerful. Whether through blackmail, monopolies or political and bureaucratic expertise they are capable of holding their own as part of the triumvirate that orders the Galactic Imperium.

The Imperium:

In GD 4993 Chryselios Dodekatheon was crowned Emperor of the Galactic Imperium. Three years later all ‘civilized worlds’ in the Milky Way bowed before him, recognizing his claim. In the years since his ascension Chryselios I has instigated many potent reforms to both consolidate his power and revive an Empire crushed by decades of war.

Other topics:

Banking - Where citizens of the Imperium keep their currency
Computers - Computational devices and programming languages
Currency - The value of the coin and coinage of the Imperium
Garrisons – A description of the military forces arrayed across the Galactic Imperium
Goods - Trade goods and costs for common commodities
High Tech Substances – Substances created through high tech processes.
Hyperflight – How faster-than-light travel works inside solar systems and outside of them.
Passage Costs – Costs of travelling throughout the Galactic Imperium.
Starships – Everything you ever wanted to know about starships in the galaxy
Wages - The worth of work in the Imperium for a variety of vocations and tasks
Vehicles – Common vehicles and costs throughout the Galactic Imperium

Galactic Imperium, The

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