Frisvold System


Ruler Tungavatn (Amara Ironblade), Eyrrograd (Sigurdur Dragonslayer), Schild (Bolstadr the Brave), Geonost (Captain Jack Carpenter)
Cathedral None
Agora Aesir
Garrison Unknown
Capital None
Tech Unknown/Various
Human Population 23 million
Alien Population Unknown
Jumps: 3
Capital: Tungavatn (Amara Ironblade), Eyrrograd (Sigurdur Dragonslayer), Schild (Bolstadr the Brave), Geonost (Captain Jack Carpenter)
Resources: minerals, ores, fossil fuels, forestry, aquiculture
Exports: weapons tech, fine arts, foods (marine), precious metals

Solar System

Star: Swidor (yellow-orange star)
Planet Name Distance from Star Notes
Holt 0.77AU
Frisvold 1.93AU
(Heaf) moon
(Fruma) moon
Tintreg 6.57AU
Yldra 17.8AU 7 moons
Grama 28.88AU
Jump gate 39.17AU

Largely an ice planet, Frisvold’s has three continents, Thingholl, Myrkfell, and Leidvollor, each surrounded by seas of ice. The two moons, Healf and Fruma, pull violently at the planetary tides, making beach cruising and shore activities dangerous. Settlements often hug the shoreline, but great efforts (dykes, pole-cities, dams and breakwaters) are taken to tame the violent sea and unpredictable tides. Winters here are long and harsh, followed by slight springs and brief summers barely long enough for calmer seas to prevail along with short harvests. The cloud cover is thick, adding a gloomy, mysterious element to the icy world that contributes to the grimness of the natives.

Discovered in GD 2853, Frisvold was originally populated by frontier farmers and solitary hunters. During the Second Republic several scientific stations tied to local industry and energy research were set up on Frisvold. The population was split between the native farmers and hunter-gatherers and the scientific communities, but relations were relatively peaceful. When the Second Republic came to an end, however, the scientific communities and industrial towns banded together in the face of growing barbarism, and made themselves as invulnerable as possible to the raising martial powers – these gradually developed into tech-shaman centers.
During the 43th century GD, the local barbarians allied with the Drenjar Nation and conquered the tech-shaman cities one-by-one between GD 4255 and 4292. The tech-shamans were absorbed into Aesir culture, becoming the Maghtaw Nation (c.4290 GD).

Frisvold remained balkanized passed through the hands of many thanes. An important ruler was King Froljir, who conquered the world in 4527 GD and set his sons, Ufi and Hafdan, as warlords of Frisvold. When the Desecrated struck in GD 4860, Frisvold was united under the Zetol priestess Mambo Ibo (4847-4899 GD). When Warlord Ibo died in GD 4899, Frisvold became a battleground between the rulers of Fenrir and Hrim, warring for Aesir unity, and the planet was devastated. Warlord Grettir the Great (4875-4924 GD), who had assumed the throne of Frisvold when Ibo passed, eventually allied with Hrim and drove off the forces of Fenrir at the Battle of Seven Streams (GD 4912). When Gretti was slain by his own son in 4924 GD, Frisvold fell back into the hands of local factions. Eventually, Warlord Jahn Fire Orisha won control of the planet in 4964 GD, passing it on to the current warlord, Amara Ironblade, when he died.

Frisvold is a world independent of outside powers, although Amara’s rule remains the shakiest of all the major Aesir warlords, depended on maintaining strong alliances between numerous thanes. The prestigious military college, Kurmada’s Might (founded in 4533 GD), attracts students from across the Tribes of Aesir.

As the bulwark against the Caliphate, Frisvold’s inhabitants, counting just over 23 million, are particularly proud of their battle prowess and martial culture. The people of Frisvold were always independent but rarely united under a common planetary warlord. Folk legends hold that the Myrkvolk (“Dark Folk”) spirits move in the low visibility and fogs, sometimes helpful, sometimes hostile.


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