First Earth

Earth (First Earth, Terran System, Sol System).


Ruler: The Terran Alliance is the closest thing to a world government
Cathedral: Multiple Religions and Sects
Agora: Multiple trade hubs globally
Garrison: 3-4
Capital: Multiple
Jumps: 4
Tech Level: TL6
Human Population: 7.5 Billion
Alien Population: 10,000
Resources: Coal, Oil, Minerals, Iron, Timber
Exports: Extremely limited due to galactic geopolitical politics, eventually probably Manufactured goods (hammers) and Food (chocholate)

Solar System

Star: Sol (Yellow)
Planet Name Distance from Star Notes
Mercury 0.39 AU Small, hot with a quick orbit, sensor buoys monitoring the planet and sun.
Venus 0.723 AU Close to Earth-sized,but with inhospitable heat and pressure from greenhouse gasses.
Earth 1 AU The cradle of Humanity and Posthumanity, along with many other species.
(Terran Rings) orbital rings Equatorial (E-Ring) and Polar (P-Ring) rings in orbit around Earth, connected to space elevators.
(ISS) space station International space station (ISS)
(Luna) moon Home to several lunar bases, the Lunari Mote, a prison and a mysterious habitation.
Mars 1.524 AU The Olympus Mons Observatory is an uninhabited automated observatory. Rumors of ruins in the canals.
(Phobos) moon Phobos monitoring station acts as a relay and early warning system.
(Deimos) moon A tethered lagrange buoy trails behind the moon
Terran Asteroid Belt 2.2 to 3.2 AU dotted with small moons as well as crystalline ice, and at least one starship wreck.
(Ceres) Asteroidal moon A dwarf planet in the belt with a Primmortal artifact beneath the ice.
(Vesta) Asteroidal moon A colony of space privateers known as the Specter Raiders in the remains of a Ka’Hadan mine
(Pallas) Asteroidal moon Could be the hangout of some low-rent Parahuman pirates
(Hygiea) Asteroidal moon Rumors that the mini-moon could be hollow
Jupiter 5.203 AU 18 named moons plus many smaller ones)
(Callisto) moon A small monitoring base resides on this moon, called the Callisto Watchtower
Saturn 9.539 AU 30+rings (7 Groups), 62 moons (30 unnamed) (Titan, Enceladus, Iapetus & Rhea)
(Titan) moon Home to Titan Station, primary refueling depot for the outer system.
(Enceladus) moon Has a communications relay station Enceladus Beacon for comms between Titan Station, Pluto Chaldathan Firebase and Earth
Uranus 19.18 AU 13 rings and 27 moons
Neptune 30.06 AU 5 rings and 14 moons (Triton
(Triton) moon Coldest moon in the solar system
Pluto 39.53 AU (dwarf planet), 4 moons (Charon, once held a hidden gate. Currently occupied by the TSC in the remains of the Pluto Chaldathan Firebase
Jump gate 39.54 AU Tannhauser Gate

Earth, cradle of life. Forgotten in all but the apocryphal scriptures of the anti-technology Universal Sectus church of the Galactic Imperium, it’s home primarily to billions of humans, a few thousand Parahumans, a small envoy of a moon-based race known as the Lunari and a number of inter-dimensional and alien refugees.


The earth appears to be under the protection of a number of alien races for reasons unknown, and is currently being used as a sort of ‘refugee camp’ for a small number of alien offspring.

On earth, the vast majority of humans are only aware of a few races outside of their own, due to several attempted (and thwarted) invasions by the aggressive races known as the Ka’Hadan, as well as the hive-like Chaldathans. Both threats were stopped by Parahumans working in concert with one-another as ‘superheroes’, a designation new to general public perception in the latter half of the 20th century AD.

First earth’s native denizens (and it’s moon and outer solar system’s planets) are collectively known by the greater galactic community as Terrans. The Sol System is located in Sector Alpha Meridian, on the Orion Spur of the Sagittarius Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy.

The true history of Earth is one mostly unknown to the majority of its inhabitants, having long forgotten the origins of its special features, namely, the mutagenic properties of the planet that produce Parahumans, the presence of potent magic, and inter-dimensional gates protected by a mostly secret caste of sorcerers known as the Gatekeepers. Drawing upon resources from these, and the presence of a number of powerful Primmortal artifacts, the Terrans are poised to enter the larger galaxy via a jump gate found at the edge of their solar system, yet scouting parties from the Galactic Imperium have already attempted to breech the gate and so there is a stalemate, as Terran forces work to destroy any invading forces as fast as possible so that the Imperium is unable to return knowledge of their findings.

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Era 2

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Notable Organizations/Houses, etc.


Terran Earth Corps

The Terran forces are currently a joint task force known as Earth Corps, which is an adjunct of Bastion, a Parahuman organization and the U.N. Special Services Divisions, Terran Earth Corps, Terran Ring Corps and Terran System Corps.

The Khooshai

A rebellion dead set against the slavery of the Devourer race at the hands of the Galactic Imperium.

Group 3

First Earth

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