Fenrir System


Ruler Warlord Wakan Mato
Cathedral None
Agora Aesir
Garrison Unknown
Capital Althing
Tech 6
Human Population 47 million
Alien Population 1 million Ilsov, Stoucrix and Reikaw
Jumps: 4
Resources: agriculture, ores, forestry
Exports: food, refined ores, luxuries, lumber

Solar System

Star: Ate (yellow-orange star)
Planet Name Distance from Star Notes
Wiyakpa 0.69AU
Fenrir 1.01AU
( Luna’s Tear) moon
Shadow Bride 2.87AU
Hamund’s End 5.4AU 7 moons
Atheling 12.17AU 41 moons
Akicita 23.82AU
Jump gate 43.28AU

Fenrir among the most hospitable of the Aesir worlds, hosting great forests and plains in the northern hemisphere, and arable land, jungles, and huge islands in the south. The world swarms with creatures and many plants, most of which are indigenous.

Fenrir (originally called Seepcombe) was discovered in 2609 GD. The initial settlers died out over the course of two generations, and a second attempt was made in GD 2800. This group claimed descent from Native American pantheons and attributed their success on Fenrir to their nature-friendly way of life, their spirituality and their respect for and bargaining with the creatures and spirits of the world. Eventually more off-worlders arrived, attempting to recreate romanticized versions of ancient First Earth pantheons, such Celtic, Native American, Australian, and Oceanic pantheons.

Under the Second Republic more drop-out communities settled on the planet, bringing a smorgasbord of beliefs and traditions, including pacifism, free love, organic farming, neo-paganism, Reikaw philosophies, naturist, and more. It was on Fenrir that the minor pirate leader, Gudmund the Great, called the first Althing (GD 3935) in response to Second Republic land redistribution reforms, which instituted the first coordinated raids on the central worlds. When Republican forces arrived to quell the uprising on Fenrir, they found an organized rebellion that turned back the mighty Republican fleet. Fenrir rapidly became the most powerful Aesir world, and throughout its later history it has fought other worlds to extend and retain its influence. When Hafdan the Red – Unifier of Hrim, began his drive for renewed Aesir unity under him as “Great Thane” in 4947 GD, it was the warlord Orin One Arm of Fenrir who successfully destroyed his conquest in a long war, ending with both warlords dead in battle in 4955 GD. This civil war led to the Great Althing being moved from Hrim to Hraban.

All the different Aesir Nations can be found in numbers on Fenrir, living together in relative harmony. The fertile conditions of Fenrir make it the grain basket of the Tribes of Aesir and crops grown here support fully half of the populations of the other Aesir worlds. The traditional enmity with Hrim runs deep on Fenrir, and many fear the two worlds will war again in the future. The world also fears “Dodekwyrd” aggression which will either unite the Tribes of Aesir (costing Fenrir its independence) or tear it apart.

Fenrir has a population of some 47 million people, and is also home to an indigenous sentient alien race named the Ilsov, living in the deep forests or in alien ghettos. There is also a large Stoucrix minority on this world, descendants from soldiers left behind by the Republican forces defeated in 3997 GD. These people, called Ondvolk (“Evil Folk”), are an independent nation with representatives in the Althing. There is also a much smaller minority of Reikaw here, the Svartfolk (“Black Folk”) descended from captured slaves, enjoying the same rights as the Ondvolk.


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