Exculpa System


Ruler Unknown
Cathedral None
Agora None
Garrison Unknown
Capital None
Tech Unknown
Human Population Unknown
Alien Population Unknown
Jumps: 2
Resources: ores, minerals, forestry
Exports: None
Star: Kol (bright white star)
Planet Name Distance from Star Notes
Tansin 0.42AU
Topa 0.64AU
(Auger) moon
Exculpa 1.31AU
Hower 17.2AU 27 moons
Lynn 22.4AU rings, 26 moons
Tagin 47.45AU 13 moons
Jump gate 57.4AU

From orbit, Exculpa appears as a great, First Earth-like world of green landmasses and blue oceans, with a swirl of while cloud. Once a center of industry and mineral extraction, but the scars these left on the surface has long since been buried beneath a thick jungle canopy. The planet has a teeming ecosphere, although corrupted by desecration into a mega-flora world, giving rise to super-sized growths that are much bigger than would be considered natural. Dense forest extends through all latitudes on Exculpa, running the range from equatorial jungles through to arctic evergreens forest – and trees often grow up to a half a mile from base to tip.

Exculpa was discovered in GD 2950 and was quickly exploited for its vast and easily accessible mineral deposits. However, within a couple of generations, colonial interests and mineral extraction efforts were hampered by legal disputes over territorial ownership (c.GD 3020). It took more than a century to resolve all the matters in court, but after a lengthy legal dispute and various appeals Exculpa was finally divided between the descendants of the pantheonic survey team that had discovered the world (GD 3150). This gave rise to three local minor houses, Van Allan, Cheema, and Donald, whom between them controlled all mining operations and mineral wealth on the planet.

Exculpa continued to function as a mining resources world through the Second Republic, making the mineral aristocracy fabulously rich while their subjects enjoyed a comfortable middle-class existence. In GD 3949, the Ajalon-based House Torenson took advantage of social unrest on Exculpa, to occupied large regions of the planet. Although House Torenson had initially played the role of merciful liberators, promising a fairer redistribution of Exculpa’s wealth to those natives who supported their take-over, they soon displayed their true face as house troops enforced a strip-mining of its territories while the worker’s salaries and benefits were greatly reduced. The public was in an uproar, but little could be achieved in the face of the complete breakdown in interstellar civilization that was the Fall of the Second Republic. With the New Dark Ages, House Torenson tightened its fist even harder, provoking in the end a planet-wide revolution against the invaders, in which Torenson subjects and neighbors allied to take back most of the occupied territories in GD 4354. Many Torenson fiefs reverted back to their original owners, although the hated House Torenson retained a trace presence on Exculpa for another two centuries. The few remaining Torenson domains on the world were sold to the Regency in GD 4550, when House Torenson lost its royal status. GD 4900 marked the arrival of the Desecrated, and Exculpa fell to the invaders in a matter of weeks.

The first challenge facing the explorer who’d wish to land here is that there is hardly a scrap of bare ground visible. Even the most daring of pilots is forced to set down on a beach rather than hope to find a jungle clearing. The jungles are extremely difficult to hike through, as the flora grows incredibly densely, and as a result most animal life has abandoned the jungle floor for life in the canopy. The forests are a little easier to traverse, but not much. As the plants grow to incredible sizes, most animals adapted by becoming smaller and more agile – better suited to navigate the tangled labyrinth of tree limbs.

There are still Posthumans on Exculpa, survivors of the invasion reduced to simple hunter-gatherers communities hiding in the wilderness all across the planet – their survival craft second to none. Some communities have made gods out of the Desecrated, giving sacrifices of jungle produce and times willing converts to appease the terrible deities.


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