Erem System


Ruler: Caliph Juhangiz XXIV
Cathedral: none
Agora: Al Fashir Caliphate
Garrison: 5
Capital: Erem Zat el-Amad
Jumps: 4
Tech Level: 6
Human Population: 1.5 billion
Alien Population: ?
Resources: tourism, agriculture
Exports: weapons tech, politics, fashion, quality and luxury

Solar System

Star: Noor (yellow star)
Planet Name Distance from Star Notes
Azumt 0.70AU
Erem 2.10AU Artificial Rings
(Ubar) moon
(Ilderim) moon
(Ayin-i-Simurgh) moon
Dzimbulu 4.41AU
(Zoth) moon
(Koth) moon
Cambalu 9.81AU Rings, 27 moons
Bagai 27.0AU Rings, 12 moons
Ayiza 46.05AU
Jump gate 53.02AU

Like much of the solar system, the planet Erem was heavily terraformed and astroformed (artificially placed and modified in relation to the rest of the solar system). The world’s rings are artificial constructed of tiny beads of iridescent plastic confetti both as an expression or artistry and to stabilize the tidal pull of the planet. The artificial rings cast the landscape in shades of blue. Also its third moon, Ayin-i-Simurgh is a large manufactured satellite, a polished sphere only a hundred miles across. While not technically part of the solar system, the Sahab-i-Simurgh is the most predominant feature of Erem’s skies, its outermost extremities filling half of the space seen from the Jump gate.

Discovered in GD 3520, Erem became the centre of Egon’s private empire, and it remains the capital world of the Al Fashir Caliphate to this day. Liberated in 3770 GD by Republican forces, the world became an immediate draw for tourists drawn to its sculpted environment. In 3780 GD the Sahab-i-Simurgh was confirmed as being Nebula RAS-333W89 just visible in the sky from Garhira.

The Aesir invasion (4320 GD) swept aside the post-Republican dynasties that had come to rule the planet, becoming a hub for further raids into neighboring worlds the next century. Juhangiz Turhan the man who would unite the Al Fashir peoples and become the first Caliph was born in 4434 GD but it was not until 4471 GD that the Aesir were driven out and the Al Fashir Caliphate formally established in 4472 GD.

It was the subject of the most extreme terraforming project to build a world of artificially beautiful. Described as the most scenic world on the Jump web during the Second Republic, exotic Erem has a culture steeped in artistic tradition.

The entire capitol city of Erem Zat el-Amad (“The Many-Pillared Erem”) is the Caliph’s palace and center of the Al Fashir Caliphate. The rulers of other regions on the planet see themselves merely as groundskeepers and householders of the living prophet. The citizens of Erem Zat el-Amad still live with the most common of comforts and conveniences preserved from Republican times. The flavor and tone of Eremite culture adjusts itself like trends of fashion to complement the personality and background of each succeeding Caliph, and currently take the form of a classical Al Fashirri aristocracy. But one factor remains constant – all the natives of Erem, of which there are over 1.5 billion, proudly consider themselves personal servants of the Caliph.

Erem is the climax stop on the Hajj route, with the primary pilgrimage “site” being the system’s jump gate as Sahab-i-Simurgh nebula encompasses half the void beyond the gate.


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