Dryria System (Lacusia)


Ruler: Fargh Kun’Dahl Ka’Hadan Garrison Commander
Cathedral: Orthodox
Agora: Kyleena
Garrison: 4
Capital: Lacumaria
Jumps: 4
Tech Level: TL1
Alien Population: Approximately 1300 Lacusians (most subsurface), 500-2000 Ka’Hadan(Depending on imperial rotations)
Resources: Aquiculture, Mercury, Chi Root
Exports: Fish, slaves

Solar System

Star: Flaeltams (Red Dwarf Star)
Planet Name Distance from Star Notes
Dryria 65 AU See Below
Jaecarro 1.3 AU Cold rocky surface, rich salt deposits
Kafrorth 2.2 AU Frozen, dense atmosphere, frequent ice storms
(Petram 0JP1) asteroid orbiting Kafrorth Unused resources from destruction of Dryria
Cradus 7.6 AU Far from the center star, slowly exiting orbit due to high mass and gravity causing large meteor strikes

Dryria is a Galactic Imperium occupied Planet, where Lacusians are cultivated as slaves for their abilities. When the Imperium took over it was necessary, due to the abilities of much of the populace, to remove most if not all of the mineral resources on the planet, turning it into a desert and creating an asteroid nearby with most of the useless materials from the process. While the planet is a desert monoculture, it’s mass consists almost entirely of water; due to the closeness of the sun and the properties of water, the surface of the planet varies only slightly from it’s average temperature of roughly 79 degrees Fahrenheit.


Lifari Council contested, occupied by the Ka’Hadan Empire, renamed from Lacusia, homeworld of the Lacusians to Dryria, by the Ka’Hadan, Lacusians from this world are prized as slaves sold by the Ka’Hadan to the Galactic Imperium’s Mōnstrum guild because a number of them are potentially living terraformers, capable of creating atmospheres on a planet without one. This ability has not been widely tested by the Imperium however, due to heavy passive resistance from the race’s individual captured members themselves, and the tendency of the Mōnstrum to sell the Lacusians as simple agrarian agricultural workers due to their low Tech Level.

Prior to invasion by the Ka’Hadan Empire, Lacusia was considered a protected reserve by the Lifari High Council, and kept in a ‘waiting’ status by the Zon-Gra Protectorate worlds, awaiting the time when Lacusian civilization either evolved to the point where they could achieve large scale spaceflight, or destroyed themselves through war. Colonization by other races was considered illegal by Protectorate law.

Before the cataclysm
Before nearly all the mineral resources of Dryria were taken, Dryria was named Urciur, after it’s inhabitants ability to command and, after death, to inhabit the material of the planet, the population was nearly in an information age due to the new and widespread use of silicon-based harmonic transmission technology, their were several clans, each with a devotion to a material and a technology, later echoed by the Lacusian sub-tribes. It was implicitly understood that invention was integral to the success of society and that maintenance and teaching of current knowledge came second only to that goal. While all the clans worked together, their capabilities and ideals varied greatly. The Lucent clan, responsible for transmission of energy and information thought communication was most important, the Phlogiston clan, who manipulated heat, idealized passion, The Nimbii, who maintained food and agriculture insisted that survival was the only necessary step to greatness. There were infrequent wars between clans, but the primary ideal for all was to achieve a greater understanding of the universe, and other planets.


A floating city with the world’s only starport.

The capital city of the Lacusians, such as it is. Houses temporary structures for the yearly meeting of great clan leaders, now controlled by the Ka’Hadan’s underwater battalions. Also houses a Mōnstrum garrison and Mahyah Nostra complex for the processing of slaves.

The Core
The core of Dryria is made of heavily compressed mercury, and the electromagnetic force generated by the rapid rotation of the core, the extreme pressure, and cold provide the perfect hiding place for a small army of Lacusians who await the first available chance to take back their planet, with the ideal that a leader will find and instruct them upon their time of need.

The Floe
Maintained by one of the longest lived tribes of Lacusians, the Floe is an enourmous belt of ice that encircles the planet, driven by an extremely powerful current so that individual fragments will circle the planet at a rapid pace, one circuit of the planet is completed in approximately 479 earth days, and is known as a cycle.

The Great Nesh
A Nesh is an extremely complex water-clock used by Lacusians to measure time in musical fashion, shaped like a colossal bell, the Great Nesh is the only one of it’s size; it keeps every known Lacusian time scale and is a permanent fixture located near the Floe, and is maintained by the Nesh tribe, nearly any member of the Nesh tribe can recite the day-song in it’s entirety from memory, in order to make sure that the Great Nesh is working properly, given that the planet is almost entirely water and as such has no consistent day/night cycle this clock is vitally important for maintaining any consistent time scale on Dryria.

The Dead Tribes
Spread throughout the depths of Dryria are various caverns and bubbles containing devices and instructions on techniques created by tribes that have died out over the course of history, said by many Lacusians to be expressions of a desire to pass on old knowledge, through the combined will of those passed that inhabit the surrounding water.

The area where captured Chi-Jaka and Ja-Jaka are thrown, this current is the most vicious area of Dryria, any living creatures that enter this space are torn apart by the bladed ice, searing steam and crushing riptides therein, the current is named PaleWater for it’s coloration, given by the mixture of Lacusian blood, frothing water, and bleached corpses.

Notable Organizations/Houses, etc.

*Lacusian Tribes (Cloudweaver, Seabringer, and Nimbus) *
The Lacusian population of the Dryria is made up of 2 major tribes, known as the Cloudweavers and the Seabringers and which are further divided into sub-tribes who are named as they create an object, location or technique recognized by the Ur-Council.

Nesh – Responsible for maintaining the timescale for the planet.
Vertoril – Only one remaining member: Tausir Vertoril. Known for being the first tribe to actively resist the Ka’Hadan invasion.
Orea – Responsible for maintaining the Great Floe.
Torev – Primary overseers of agriculture for the planet.
Ceaw – Major distributors of food, only tribe known to pre-date desertification of planet.


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