symbiote_space.jpgThe Desecrated are parasitic entities attempting to break through into Posthuman space inside of the Galactic Imperium and possess its inhabitants, turning them into hive mind slaves — or so the propaganda goes. In truth, nobody really knows what the Desecrated want or even just what they are. Everybody does know that they are dangerous and inimical to Posthuman goals. Rumor of a Desecrated infestation is enough to bring a squad of Sectus inquisitors with flame guns, ready to burn first and ask questions later.

Domain of the Desecrated Menace

Desecrated.jpgDuring the Regency Era, the Galactic Imperium was considerably larger than it is now. Though most worlds became lost with the Fall and during the New Dark Ages, the single greatest loss of Galactic Imperium territory in post-Fall times occurred with the Desecrated invasion of 4900. When the Desecrated incursion was finally halted at Odium, seven worlds were cut off from the Regency – now assumed to have fallen to the shapeshifting menace.

Little can be said with any certainly about the state of these lost worlds. There a few people still alive in the Star Empire who remember that time and many stories passed down through the generations. Despite the efforts of the Oculus Imperium and the Manifest Light, little is known about the current state of what lies beyond Exculpa and Xiushan – even the location of the Desecrated homeworld remains a complete mystery. The territories of Desecrated Space encompass worlds once claimed by the Houses al-Yazata, Messapii and Torenson, as well as other bloodlines now believed extinct. Questing Knights and Oculus Imperium agents have, however, recently come to learn that Desecrated Space borders the Aesir , but that the Desecrated incursion into Aesir Space was halted through occult powers wrought in Hellespont space.

DesecratedSpy.jpg The Desecrated are parasitic entities capable of taking over any biomass – including living human beings, and remaining incognito while doing so.

All Desecrated are linked together through some unknown means and are extremely adaptable – although they can alter and adapt themselves in seconds. For example, when attacking Desecrated-infested planet, it’s customary to carpet-bomb landing area with nukes – this clears some terrain, and allows brief moments of respite to unload troops. However, within short time the landing zone is attacked by adapted Desecrated, that are now impervious to radiation.

Horrid the experience of the soldier who sees his companion, thought slain in a Desecrated ambush, miraculously return to camp, and then realizes, as osseous spikes erupt from the former friend’s innards, and seductive blandishments issue from lips suddenly transformed to clacking jaws akin to those of the extinct white shark of First Earth, that the companion is no more, and that the thing that slavers and reaches for him with outstretched palms turned to razored talons has become but another Desecrated: another enemy to destroy or be destroyed by.

DesecratedIII.jpgAnd when subterfuge is unnecessary, Desecrated can field other creatures born of biomass.

I have seen sketches of warrior-Desecrated: spiky, ropy, chitinous things, lurching forward upon many-jointed limbs to rip and devour. And once battle is joined, they are terribly efficient murderers, for Desecrated are the sin of Invention incarnate, sprouting a thousand virulent weapons from the stuff of their own bodies. Nerve-scarred survivors of the battles on Odium and Xiushan mutter of soldiers impaled on barbed spikes that once were limbs, strangled and lashed to death by living viscera vomited from needle-toothed maws, scissored into pieces by mandibles sprouted from the creatures’ midsections, liquefied by gobbets of catalytic enzymes, and slain in a thousand other grisly fashions besides.

Desecrated Systems

Other Worlds
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