Casco System


Ruler: Duchess Salandra Bogovi
Cathedral: Orthodox
Agora: Mahyah Nostra
Garrison: 6
Capital: Elibyrge
Jumps: 4
Tech Level: 5
Human Population: 800,000,000
Alien Population: 60,000,000 (mostly Vlaess)
Resources: Agriculture, Jithtech trade, empty urban zones
Exports: Grain and foodstuffs, Jithtech, scavenged building materials

Solar System

Star: Plyon
Planet Name Distance from Star Notes
Casco 0.88 AU Access to Perseus is strictly limited to Bogovi military personnel
(Perseus) moon Thin, toxic atmosphere; Gibralter base, a leftover military base from the Gloucester pantheon and still used as a Bogovi drydock; Shows signs of prehistoric Vlaess or Jith settlement
Tarshish 1.45 AU Stark, arid world; Partially terraformed during the Second Republic, some settlers still survive here in primitive squalor; Inhabitants aggressively attack off-worlders
(Katerina) Jith derelict Katerina Run event every three years, sponsered by Marquis Olga Svanfeld Bogovi; A number of studies have been attemped, but little has been learned
Hammon 12.37 AU Gas giant; Chaotic magnetic fields wreak havoc with electronics; Many moons
Jumpgate 49.09 AU
Sucellus 18.14-38.87 AU Barren ball of ice and dust

Casco is wet and warm. Its terrain is as varied as Holy Ersetu’s, with the exception that arctic conditions exist only in the extreme south. Almost 76% of the surface is covered in water, with sea levels increasing each year, and the major landmasses are divided into three continents and a few major islands. Casco used to be more First Earth-like, but following the slight change in it’s climate, which started just before the Fall, the planet has grown warmer, rainfall has increased, waters and rivers have swollen, and much of the land turned to swamps or deserts. Huge, half-finished Second Republic megalopolises dot the surface, housing the dregs of society, and are often reclaimed by water and wilderness.


Casco is the Homeworld of the Vlaess, their history extending back to the 7th century GD. They are believed to be much older, but much was destroyed during the Jith war. They managed to land on the moon Perseus before the arrival of Posthumans, though some speculate they may have had Jith aid to this end. Shamash the God-King united the Vlaess only 300 years before Posthumans arrived in GD 2680. Vlaess are subject to a caste system, with the God-King on the top – some believe there is much Jith influence in Vlaess society.

House Gloucester originally settled in the far north of Murciyah, away from the Vlaess; some trade existed and Gloucester bought up Vlaess land like crazy. By 2818 GD, House Gloucester owned most of the land on the planet, except for parts of Sabtah. When House Bogovi usurped the House Gloucester pantheonic god-corporation, the Vlaess-Posthuman relations had degraded to the point of rebellion. The Bogovi sought to restore friendly relations between the two races and constructed a treaty that has lasted to the present day. Casco then became the breadbasket world of the Bogovi holdings.

During the first conact with the Jith, the Jith sent warships to Casco to prove they could strike anywhere at any time, sending the world into a state of panic. Some Vlaess helped the Jith, others helped the Posthumans, but the Vlaess God-King officially declared neutrality. Even after the end of the Jith crisis, the world retained its siege mentality for centuries.

Casco was selected by the Second Republic as the world to meet with the Jith, but the Jith rejected the planet in favor of Tsok-Ze. Before Jith rejection, many new cities and gardens were built in preperation; settlers of all stripes came from all over the Republic to be a part of it. After the rejection, the world was virtually ignored, many construction projects being left half-complete; slums, misery, poverty ensued

At the Fall of the Second Republic most of the planet was dependent on welfare, so the impact of the Fall was especially brutal on this world. House Van Gelder and House Amatsukami were quick to buy up fiefs during this time. Many humans, fleeing the urban slums, fled to Vlaess lands. This caused great tension and ultimately violence that had to be ruthlessly supressed by the Bogovi.

Food production on the world declined greatly after world’s climate change began. The Bogovi came to ignore the world as its value declined and other matters became more pressing. Environmental changes again caused some Posthuman-Vlaess tension over land, but this time it was resolved mostly peacefully.

Casco was barely impacted by the Primacy Wars, with only occassional small raids from the Amatsukami. Many Oculus Imperium agents are reported to be here, to watch out for the Jith, keep an eye on the Vlaess, and keep track of House Van Gelder. The people of the world are mostly jaded and blase, but remain famous for their hospitality. They constantly seeking news of off-world merchants and researchers, while nobles are constantly feuding and seeking the support of off-world allies. This has lead to frequent noble soirees. Prejudice is strong against poor Vlaess and known criminals and rogues.


Ruled by the Duke Stephan Svanfeld Bogovi, a notorious recluse ever since a brief ill-fated affair with Salandra lead to his humiliation by other nobles. The Duke is rumored to currently be going after Sister Theafana al-Yazata. He is a strong military and political leader who has earned the respect of the Amatsukami on the battlefield, and who has more recently fostered trade relations with House Amatsukami. The Duke is a landowner not just here on Casco, but also on Capital Secundus, Guildheim, Milhamot, Ajalon and other worlds.

The Murciyah fief is a pastoral, semi-prosperous one, inhabited almost entirely by humans. It is entirely self-sufficient while the rest of the world has become dependent on imports for survival. Always relatively cool, it has become very fertile and lush as a result of the planetary warming.

Originally the seat of House Gloucester, it is also used as the seat of local Bogovi governance. Many Vlaess refugees are attempting to enter the continent, but the humans don’t want them. This has lead to high tensions between the two races. The Vanguard is a knightly order created to protect humans from alien aggression. They are frequently accussed of being openly hostile towards the Vlaess, not just protective of humans. The Vanguard is run by Dame Agatha Van Gelder, a veteran of the Primacy Wars.

Glevum is the capital of the region, consisting of a population of some 10 million, along with a major airport and naval base.

38 million population

Ruled personally by the Duchess Salandra Bogovi, who is both feared and loved by the locals. Salandra, however, is also the Bogovi amabassador to Capital Secundus and is thus often away. As such, daily rulership falls to the Bishop of Elibyrge, Marcene Harrison. Harrison has worked with Salandra since the Duchess was a child and is absolutely loyal to her. She is a very effective administrator within Elibyrge, but her power outside of the city is very limited. One of the reasons for Bishop’s strong local power is her numerous contacts with the Purgers Guild.

Sabtah is Full of massive half-completed urban megalopoli, many of which have slowly been reclaimed by wilderness over the centuries. Those urban areas that are inhabited are largely lawless, although Aegean hospices exist scattered throughout as peaceful havens amid the chaos. A major airport and naval base can be found in the fief as well.

Agriculture is limited and typically done on rooftops or in hydroponic facilities; livestock is limited to fowl. Only the Vlaess reservations of Turaz still retain the original vegetation of the world, the rest have been imported centuries ago.

Sabtah is also home to House Basque, who rule the northern fiefs and Herculeum.

120 million population

Elibyrge is the capital city of the planet. The core city is 17 million, with millions more in the “hinterland”. There is abundant power, plumbing and other high-tech conveniences throughout the city – the infrastructure is maintained by a cooperative of the Purgers Guild, the Ingenium, and a local Energy Cartel, and is coordinated by the Harrison Mahyah Nostra family. The city is thus actually well maintained and kept very clean, making it one of the most beautiful cities in the Imperium with its Second Republic architecture.

Van Gelder estates line the outskirts of the city, of radically varying prosperity and security. A large Aegean hospital and seminary is also located in the city – it is the largest in Bogovi space and is supported by House Basque and tolerated by Bishop Harrison. The Aegeans are lead by Brother Raul, a former Idristite who has ably defended the order from occasional attackers. Also in the city can be found the main spaceport, the primary Cathedral, a naval base and the primary agora.

340 million population

This area is still contested by House Amatsukami and House Basque. Originally intended to be a coast resort city, some of the city was built underwater and many other sections have been flooded since the planetary warming phenomena began. There are constant rumors of Jithtech caches under the ocean floor, and rumors that the city was built over top of a research facility that studied Jith artifacts.

From Herculeum there is easy access to the Vlaess reservation of Turaz. The continent also boasts the largest Vlaess population outside of the reservation, which is still quite traditional due to their proximity to the God-King. Inter-species conflict is rare as the Vlaess have integrated their caste system into human society (Siblazi are noble advisors, warriors are members of the militia, etc.).

House Basque enforcers use Mahyah Nostra-style tactics to keep the peace in the region. There is a spaceport here under Amatsukami control, but is seldom used and only minimally maintained. As well there is an active naval base.

200 million population

Although officially ruled by the Baron Fyodor Sharn, a cousin of Enis Sharn of Betleem, the Baron spends most of his time in Elibyrge and leaves the administration to guildsmen who are constantly fired for the slightest thing that goes wrong.

The very city itself is scavenged for materials to export. The Haitak river once brought nutrient rich soils, but now brings only toxins from the other cities further inland. Peasants die daily from the toxic waters and difficult work, and conditions are so bad that some willingly sell themselves into slavery to the Mōnstrum to get off world.

50 million population

This region has been without central rule since the first Primacy Wars and has become a veritable sea of minor fiefs, petty Vlaess strongholds and psychic safehouses. The Atzlánti (Castenda) gained a strong presence during the most recent Primacy Wars, however, and there is a strong Mahyah Nostra presence as well. There is virtually no Sectus presence except for occasional Aegean missions. There is an airport in the region.

50 million population

Malaca Nova
This island was supposed to be a great resort, and all the Vlaess were deported during the Second Republic. House Gloucester further depopulated the island. The few remaining people were left ignored and isolated for centuries, descending into a very primitive, low tech level state.

There are no landing facilities, and as such there is little interest in the island by any faction. There are a few small Amatsukami and Van Gelder fiefs, and one Orthodox Sectus attempts missionary work among the primitive remnants of Posthumanity still here.

2 million population

A polar region that has been little explored and is generally seen as being worthless. However, fossil fuels deposits have recently been found and Prince Hyram has begun a bidding process for rights to extract the resources. Current bidders are the Mōnstrum, Mahyah Nostra, Justinians and Juandaastas and even some minor guilds.

0 population

Zembla is a polar region that has been little explored and is generally seen as being worthless. However, fossil fuels deposits have recently been found and Prince Hyram has begun a bidding process for rights to extract the resources. Current bidders are the Mōnstrum, Mahyah Nostra, Justinians and Juandaastas and even some minor guilds.

0 population


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