Capital Secundus

Capital Secundus System (CapSec)


Ruler Emperor Chryselios
Cathedral Cathedral of St. Maya ( Orthodox)
Agora The Authority
Garrison 10
Capital Imperial City
Tech 6
Human Population 6,000,000,000
Alien Population 600,000
Resources Grain, Aquaculture
Exports Millrice, Starships, Politics

Solar System

Star: Solaris Primis (yellow star)
Name Distance from Star Notes
Vesuvius 0.162 AU Small and hot; Similar to Mercury
Santius 845 AU Small and hot; Volcanic world; Never colonized or developed; Too costly to terraform; Where Baron Santius died
Capital Secundus 1.46 AU Throneworld of the Galactic Imperium
(Jericho) moon Once terraformed, the engines were destroyed during the Primacy Wars; Small mining colony remains; Haunted by the dead
(Diamdem) Spacestation 2nd Republic era spacestation; HQ of the Imperial Navy; In geosynchronous orbit over the Imperial Palace
(Cumulus) Spacestation Run by the Shoqëri Guilds; Customs outpost and repair facility; Second in size in the Empire only to Diadem
Aden 16.18 AU Rocky, barren world; Too large to terraform; No atmosphere, but rumors of nomads living under the planet’s surface
(Neo Malta) moon Terraformed; Used by Imperial Guard as a training ground
Magog 31.0 AU Gas giant; Source of jelly vipers – lifeforms killed for their poison; Harvesting of jelly vipers is now illegal under imperial law
(Tuszla) moon Rich veins of luminite; Evacuated during first emperor war, never recolonized
(Amida) moon Once an aritists’ colony; Seized by the Sectus after the fall; Most artists here have been blackballed by the Sectus
(Cyril) moon Once hosted a trade city; Mostly traded in illegal and proscribed goods; Was shut down by the Sectus and remains empty
Iblis 41.351 AU Ice world; Similar to Pluto; Something large detected under the ice; the Sectus interdicts the world to prevent study of the “ice demon”
(Derelict) moon Imperial sentinel outpost; People assigned here suffer cabin fever within three months; Worst assignment in the Imperial military
CapSec Jumpgate 41.351 AU
Maya’s Star comet (variable distance, as close as 80,000 miles from CapSec) Also called the Falcon’s Eye

The capital and heart of the Galactic Imperium is located in Capital Secundus (also refferred to colloquially as CapSec. As the Imperial government is based here most of the Imperium’s political factions have representatives operating on the planet. Capital Secundus is a watery world with swampy island continents dotted by city sprawls. It is a warm and humid world with the surface being more than 87.5% water, and torrential rains regularly wracking the planet’s six major continents. Its moon Jericho, was terraformed with a breathable atmosphere and full ecosystem during the Second Republic, but was reduced to a dead rock in the Siege of Jericho in GD 4994. Though CapSec suffered terrible destruction in the Primacy Wars much of what was destroyed has since been rebuilt. Grand monuments have been raised in honor of Emperor Chryselios I as well as dead heroes from all sides of the war.

This planet was formerly called Neo Athena and then Opti Paramount during the First Republic, the Diaspora and finally the Second Republic. It has been the capital planet of the Imperium since the Second Republic, first as seat of the Republic’s president and senate, then as the location of the Ten Royal houses’ Prolimetri Council. It was temporarily the throneworld of previous Emperors and theocrats, and had briefly been the seat of the office of Regent. Today it is used as the seat of the Emperor’s power.

The planet was first colonized in GD 2320 by a powerful zaibatsu god-corporation pantheon which considered itself an energy consortium, who named it “Neo Athena”. Within a few generations the planet began rebelling against its panthehonic owners and in GD 2599 the local noble House Hamid laid claims to the world and renamed it “Opti Paramount”, before liberating it in the famous Battle of Opti Paramount the following year. In time the planet came to be ruled by the Market Authority, which soon spread its influence across Posthuman space, eventually joining forces with similar commercial powers on Guildheim to birth the Second Republic in GD 3500. Opti Paramount served as the capitol world until the Great Houses forced the Second Republic to its knees in the year GD 4000. The planet was renamed “Capital Secundus” and became capitol of Posthuman space once more when former Emperor Alecto united the Galactic Imperium against Aesir barbarians in the 4540s GD.

The planet served as capitol of the Regency from the emperor’s death in GD 4550 and was hotly contested during the Primacy Wars. The worst devastation was felt during the the Atzlánti sacking of the world in GD 4979 and the Final Battle of Capital Secundus in GD 4994. When Chryselios Dodekatheon abdicated as Prince of House Dodekatheon to claim the Star Throne in GD 4993, Capital Secundus was the obvious choice for his seat of power.

As the center of Imperial politics and intrigue, every major faction (and numerous minor ones) of the Galactic Imperium have representation here, and even the barbarian realms and the enigmatic Jith send their envoys here to scheme and do business.

Viridian is a vibrant cosmopolitan city that caters to almost any taste and here political games can make or break someone overnight. Politics is a pastime here and everybody, from the lowliest serf to the mightiest aristocrat engages in political speculation, argument, and machinations. Millirice grows like wildfire almost everywhere and aquaculture is also strong, resulting in grain being one of the few resources exported. Viridian Salmon is a popular food both on and offworld as well.

With a largely urbanized population of some 6 billion humans and about 600,000 aliens and very limited land area, Capital Secundus is a crowded planet. There is, however, plenty of work to be found within the military and administrative branches of the Imperial bureaucracy, as well as in the service and tourism businesses, so poverty is relatively rare.

On Capital Secundus, high and low share much the same cultural references and identity of maritime ideas and imagery, and an air of pride and cosmopolitism are found even among serfs. Capital Secundus export fashion and culture like no other world known to the Imperium, and odd off-world customs and fashions are accepted here as a rule of law for no citizen of the Imperium is to be discriminated against on the Throne World. Orthodoxy is the ruling denomination by a landslide, although numerous minor cults also practice here.


Aldaia is home to House Mitolojisi, but the Amatsukami have some fiefs here as well.

600 million population

Home to fiefs of House Mitolojisi, House al-Yazata, Temple Idristi and the Emperor.

30 million population

The city of Viridian houses fully half the world’s population – some three billion people. Imperial City is also located here, but is home to a “mere” 67 million people. The region is split between Imperial fiefs and a Dodecatheon Duchy, although all noble houses maintain some estates on “Embassy Row” in Imperial City.

The largest sub continent in Galatea. As well as the capital the famous Veridian University is also established here.

Old Istanbul
Home to the Holy City, which houses some 20 million people.

750 million population

Controlled by House Mitolojisi.

200 million population

Harmony is home to a few Imperial fiefs and some Lambeth fiefs, but most of the land is owned by House Mitolojisi. The Bogovoi have a shipyard on this continent.

900 million population

Split between Houses Mitolojisi, Dodecatheon and al-Yazata.

500 million population

The world’s polar region, the Dodecathon and Mitolojisi claim most of the land here. It is also the location of the Jith embassy, though it is seldom visited by humans. There is also a large Monk Militas monastery in Tarsus.

20 million population

Capital Secundus

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