Brynvald System


Ruler Ghorav the Unbearable
Cathedral none
Agora Aesir
Garrison 3
Capital Einheim
Tech 3
Human Population 2 million
Alien Population Unknown
Jumps: 1
Resources: minerals, ores, agriculture
Exports: Fish

Solar System

Star: Heitr (orange star)
Planet Name Distance from Star Notes
Smar 0.37AU
Mikill 0.82AU
(Blar) moon
Brynvald 1.17AU
Hilfa 3.8AU
(Ein) moon
(Tveir) moon
Verjak 19.43AU 47 moons
Hyrr Belt 21.7-43.1AU
Vig 51.4AU 1 moon
Jump gate 60.01AU

Brynvald is a cold world with great tracts of sub-arctic desert covering the land. During the night temperatures plummet and the moisture in the air turns to frost, but during the day the temperature raises enough to make it bearable, although liquid water is only available in the equatorial regions. Brynvald also has a slightly higher gravity then the First Earth standard (1.16 G).

The reason Brynvald is so inhospitable is that Heitr is an unstable star. It undergoes regular periods of intense solar activity every 3 to 7 First Earth years, inducing what is considered ‘summer’ by the occupants of Brynvald. When the intense solar storms begin, technology is unreliable and must be stored underground to prevent damage, and launching raids becomes impossible as starship instruments and engines take damage and regularly cause electrocutions and other accidents to the crew. During this time Brynvald starships are grounded, hidden away in caves or under artificial mounds where their energy shields are kept at full power to protect the delicate machinery and volt mechanisms. As a result of this semi-regular solar cycle, Brynvald effectively becomes a lost world for the duration of the ‘summer’. Still, ‘summers’ are times of rejoicing on Brynvald for during this time the desserts bloom, plants and small animals awaken from hibernation and the temperature rises those critical few degrees to make ice into liquid water.


Brynvald was first settled during the Second Republic (GD 3950), having escaped explorers for centuries. The first people to arrive found the place unpleasant, although remarkably it was suited for posthuman life without terraforming. When the problems of Heitr were discovered (costing the lives of many of the initial settlers), scientists began formulating strategies to tame the sun and rise Brynvald’s temperature artificially, but the huge expenses required and the relatively low resource yield of the system meant that little practical work was ever initiated before it was too late and the Second Republic fell into chaos and disbanded. Brynvald became a pirate colony to Hrim (GD 4100) but was left to its own devices when the greater Aesir culture started to form. In some respects then, Brynvald is the freest of all Aesir worlds as it is the last system to be conquered and the first to be abandoned by expansionist powers.

Brynvald is a footnote in Aesir culture and history. It is of little strategic value, has few resources, and Heitr’s erratic solar storms cripples space travel for long periods of time. Mineral resources on Brynvald and in the star system could be exploited at an industrial level, but the impracticality of these solar storms, which strike with little warning and travel at near the speed of light, has so far kept investors at bay. During the long “Fimbulwinter”, which lasts between 3 to 7 First Earth years, the only means of sustenance for the people of Brynvald is off-world raiding or living off of food hoards and cave fishing for the Brynvald Icecarp, massive, prehistoric icthean monstrosities that chryo-hybernate in the ice during the winter.

Life on Brynvald is hard, small settlements huddle in this tiny strip of sub-arctic “wetlands” waiting for the erratic summer to come and melt the topsoil and lakes enough to allow cultivation. The inhabitants of Brynvald, less than 2 million in number, tend to live in dwellings cut into valley cliff faces or dug into the ground.


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