Bleed.jpgThe Bleed is the space between, the portions of folded space between jump gates, where physics go out the window and travelers have many strange stories.

Some travelers claim that the Bleed speaks to them in whispers.

Some claim that it is a sentient portion of the void between the stars, and that it has a will of it’s own.

Others claim to experience almost orgasmic sensations of spiritual awakening, or visions of the past or future and flock to cults that seek these experiences. Those engaged in these kinds of quasi-religious cults are commonly known as the Bleedtouched.

Void_Kraken1.jpgStill others say that there are great cthonic creatures living in the Space Between, and every Guild Shofar Hornblower has heard an pilot spin yarns of the Void Kraken, or of ships lost in the nether regions of the Bleed from before the Diaspora, or ghosts or Desecrated zombies, or any other number of tall tales spun around the glow of the jump engine compartment, and travelers would be hard pressed to find a Hornblower that hadn’t seen some dark shadow darting around the ship while they tacked toward the next planetary system in the jump web.

The truth is, there are many theories, and few truths to be had in the Galactic Imperium about the phenomenon, however in recent years, the Sectus has begun to require that all ships travelling through the jump gates of the Imperium install what is colloquially known as a Bleed Damper, which Guild Ingenium Engineers insist puts out a simple pulse of energy that counteracts any of the ‘side effects’ of using the eons-old Primmortal jump gates that are still barely understood. The Sectus, particularly the Inquisitorial branch is rabid about making certain every star-faring ship is equipped with one.


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