Arago System


Ruler: Prince Juan
Cathedral: St. Emanuel Cathedral (Orthodox)
Agora: Hornblowers
Garrison: 7
Capital: Castle Furias
Jumps: 3
Tech Level: 5
Human Population: 1,160,000,000
Alien Population: 50,000 (mostly Reikaw and Hoylachi)
Resources: Energy, trace minerals
Exports: Industrial furnaces, dynamos, machinery, tools, vehicles, industrial goods, manufacturing equipment, weapons

Solar System

Star: Sonro (red star)
Planet Name Distance from Star Notes
Hermes 0.374 AU Second Republic records show pantheonic god-corporations had an interest in this world, but the Fall prevented any serious research
Arago 0.989 AU
(Castile) moon “Red Moon” due to iron deposits; Large mining operations ever since the Diaspora
Teruel 1.373 AU Extensively terraformed during the Second Republic; Still over 100,000 people live here; Water shortages; Rare forests
Jalapa 3.41 AU Gas giant; Many liquid metals in the atmosphere; Mining operations to extract the liquid metals
(Smither) moon
(Lost Sign) moon
(Ebola) moon
Alvarado 6.845 AU Gas giant
(Crane) moon Covered in frozen amonia
(Everlost) moon Black clouds made up of heavy metal flakes; Base of operation for smugglers of proscribed technology
Jump gate 57.0 AU

Arago is a temperate world with more than 85% of the surface is covered by water. The landmass divides into several minor island continent and three main continents, the largest and most important being Quechua. The polar regions are frozen over, but elsewhere the temperature is pleasant. From space it looks like a multihued ball, the lush clouds giving it a marble appearance.

With its shining spires, ancient castles, and a history brimming with heroic warriors, Arago is the crown jewel of the Atzlánti. Less known is the wretched slums of unemployed serf legionnaires, the violent desert nomads, and the constant feuds between branches of the Atzlánti. Being the main artery between Capital Secundus and Guildheim, the coffers of Arago regularly swell with trade tariffs only to be quickly emptied by palace constructions and the Al-Fashir conflict. Young Atzlánti compete for the right to study at the Arago Military Academy and graduate to prestigious positions in the military.

While nobles and merchants are rich with trade the serfs live in squalor. Those resorting to crime are routinely conscripted into military service to work off their sentence. During the Primacy Wars, countless serfs were called away to serve in the armed forces and those who returned often found their livelihoods taken over by others. Now huge slums of unemployed serf veterans surround many of Arago’s factories. Recent attempts to bring the slums under control have largely failed as the nobles are unwilling to divert the necessary wealth away from the war effort or their own projects. Well over a billion people live on Arago, and its moon Castile is home to the largest Xanthippe Moonhaven with a population of 500,000.


Arago was first visited in GD 2413 from Timor. The Aztechian pantheonic god-corp quickly bought up the world and focused it on agricultural production. Kanawha mining consortium built a mining complex in Quechua and claimed most of the world’s fresh water supply in the process; The greater Atzlan pantheon declared war on Kanawha. Kanawha used golems to defend and then attack, but in return the pantheon armed their workers and gave them the land if they would defend it. Many workers came to be wealthy land owners as a result, chief among them was the Hanuman family. The Bleed-touched rebellion saw the workers overthrow the Atzlan, but not until the Hanuman declared themselves a noble house and rallied the workers behind them.

House Hanuman quickly seized up much land, but could not grab all of it and others claiming noble heritage also became large landowners. Hanuman tried to set up a new republic on Arago, but the masses did not support it. The Hanuman came to rely upon their Atzlánti security forces to protect themselves from the consequences of their misrule, putting down rebellions, etc. Hanuman would later support the Second Republic when it was created; in GD 3977 the Hanuman called for the Atzlánti to disarm, relying on Republican armies for peace. The Hanuman and the Republic tried to forcibly disarm the Atzlánti, but the Atzlánti were aided by Houses Amatsukami, Merovia & Bogovi, as well as the Sectus. The Hanuman tried desperately to get the Republic to intervene, but the Atzlánti’s allies used the legal system against them to prevent this. House Chuaki controlled the cities and at first proved very effective in resisting and assaulting the Atzlánti. Emanuel Primitive Atzlánti got the Sectus involved claiming Hanuman technosophy and got other aid from other anti-Republican noble houses. The Republic was just about to intervene on behalf of the Hanuman when the Fall came about.

In the centuries after the fall, the Atzlánti battled upstart houses, leftover Second Republic pantheonic god-corporations, desert nomads, and barbarian raiders. The world finally came under control of the Justus branch, who had spent over 100 years unifying it.


Princess Isabella
Ruled by the Baroness Filenia Perry Dulcinea de Isabella, this locale is home to a spaceport, an agora and a military academy.

125 million population

Castle Furias
Ruled by Prince Juan Jacobi Nelson Eduardo de Arago and his wife Martia Celestra Justus de Arago, this is the capital city of the planet. Numerous theatres, museums, cathedrals, fine villas can be found here. Tassera Gardens features plants from all over the Known Worlds, while Athos Gardens is the most popular spot for noble duels in all the Known Worlds. St. Emanuel Cathedral can be found here.

320 million population

Eastern Quechua
Ruled by the Duchess Karmena Willow Gurthon Justus de Quechua, the Quechua Desert is host to numerous mining operations. Most of the land here owned by the Justus, while desert nomads raid small settlements. Peasant discontent is at an all time high here as a result of the Primacy Wars – they suffer the same burdens (e.g. taxes) but there are fewer people to share the burden.

340 million population

Ruled by the Rolas branch of the family.

125 million population

Ruled by the Justus branch of the family.

100 million population

125 million population

Placido Ocean Islands
25 million population


Silver Age Beyond brightwyrm