Al Khali

Al Khali System


Ruler: Haaziq al-Khidash in the name of Rabi al-Abdul-Qawi
Cathedral: none
Agora: Al Fashir Caliphate
Garrison: 5
Capital: Akenosh
Jumps: 2
Tech Level: 6
Human Population: 230 million
Alien Population: ?
Resources: ores, minerals
Exports: Refined ores, precious metals, unique minerals (Implastrite)

Solar System

Star: Ha-eloh (orange star)
Planet Name* Distance from Star Notes
Dagoth 0.87AU
Al Khali 1.30AU
(Jabar) moon
(Achmet) moon
Adagasca 4.30AU
Chadash 13.07AU
Ginugul 29.05AU
Jump gate 37.01AU

Al Khali resembles the planet Marsa in the Holy Ersetu system, but with a higher gravity (about 1.22 G). Volcanic activity has shaped great conical mountains and left the mantel of the planet honeycombed with caverns, many of which have been developed for habitation. Though there are nomads in the desert wastes, most of the planet’s population lives in great cities dug into old volcanoes and dormant lava tubes.


Al Khali was discovered in GD 3504 at the same time as Al Fashir and its colonial efforts also kept secret as part of Bjorn Egon’s attempt to build a private empire. Initially colonization on Al Khali was limited to underground construction as the surfaced lacked an atmosphere; terraforming efforts did eventually bring about a breathable atmosphere (GD 3600) and produce the few bodies of open water on the world’s surface. When the Second Republic liberated the world (GD 3770), dissidents seeking to escape Republican rule escaped to the surface. With the Fall the world descended into barbarism and civil war.

When the Aesir invaded they met with mostly feeble resistance from underground kingdoms more interested in fighting each other than the invaders. It was Juhangiz Turhan who eventually tamed the underground population of Al Khali during his first pilgrimage (GD 4470). He introduced the scattered desert nomads on the surface and the unconquered underground kingdoms to their “Al Fashirri” brethren from other worlds. United by their shared hatred of the Aesir embittered enemies and outlanders from distant stars united to drive the invaders out.

Al Khali has a postulated population of 230 million. The higher gravity and generations spent living underground have shaped the human population of Al Khali. Most are short and stocky, and the subterranean population typically have pale almost pallid complexions, while the surface dwelling nomads are darker skinned. Although Al Khali has enjoyed relative peace under the Al Fashir Caliphate, old habits die-hard and the culture here is still essentially warlike.

Al Khali

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