Al Fashir

Al Fashir System


Ruler: Kosru Ak Bogha
Cathedral: none
Agora: Al Fashir Caliphate
Garrison: 4
Capital: Rub al-Harim
Jumps: 2
Tech Level: 3
Human Population: 400,000,000
Alien Population: ?
Resources: ores, minerals
Exports: Refined ores

Solar System

Star: Shams (yellow-orange star)
Planet Name* Distance from Star Notes
Koba 0.53AU)
Al Fashir 0.93AU
(Gasim) moon
( Da’ud) moon
Zamzara Belt 3.1-4.7AU
Hatar 7.90AU
Jamshid 18.05AU 34 moons
Ziri 31.05AU Rings, 14 moons
Jumpgate 47.08AU
Ranzim 17.8-62AU elliptical orbit currently 19.4AU

Al Fashir is predominantly a desert world dominated by the huge Dasht-i-Marghu desert (“Desert of Death”), punctuated with mountain ranges and ice-covered polar caps that alternate drastically in size as the harsh seasons melt and refreeze them. The melt water form the glaciers irrigate vast tracts of desert giving rise to great rivers and grasslands. Al Fashir has weaker gravity than most other habitable worlds (about 0.82 G), giving rise to sheer mountain ridges with knife-edge crags and to a population of above average in height.

A survey team discovered Al Fashir in GD 3504 and its existence was kept secret when Bjorn Egon bought out the company, along with survey information for Al Khali. Rather than reveal the existence of the world, Egon instead established his own colonial efforts that were eventually discovered by the Second Republic in 3770 GD. A Republican liberation force moved in and took over the planet, but many of Al Fashir’s population actively resisted or escaped into the deserts and asserted their own Badu culture. Al Fashir is noted for being the birthplace of the Al Fashirri folk hero Sata Natura (3940 GD) and the location where she hid the Garhira Gatestone (3997 GD), before its recovery by Juhangiz (4466 GD).

The mysterious Dwa Regh people play a vital role in Al Fashir, and indeed Al Fashirri history, and even their enemies universally consider them the heart of the Al Fashirri heritage. More than half the planets 70 million population is desert nomads or city-dwelling descendants thereof. The largest cities are filthy over-crowded cesspools of diseased humanity and the Hajj has slowed to a trickle in the past century. Pilgrims are forbidden from carrying weapons and most sorts of technology, but are assured safe passage and hospitality. In recent years the desert nomad tribes have waged war against the city-states and unified the planet under the rule of the Agha Khalif, with the exception of Rub al-Harim which is still held by Sultan Kosru Ak Bogha on the Caliph’s behalf.

The Dwa Regh practice a semi-heretical version of El-Diin, the Agha Khalif rules according to private visions instead of Caliphal demand. In the 50th century GD the Dwa Regh people allied with other desert tribes to wage war on desert border communities and eventually lay siege to Uwandibad, the second largest city on Al Fashir. Uwandibad fell in 4974 GD and has become the capital of the Agha Khalif. Since then the united desert hordes have laid political and military pressure on other communities throughout the world. The Sultan of Al Fashir has concealed the extent of his failing form the Caliph but it is only a matter of time before the Khanate of the Al Fashir Caliphate become aware of the truth.

Al Fashir

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