Akkadios System


Ruler: Prince Flavius Amatsukami
Cathedral: Zeth’s Cathedral ( Orthodox)
Agora: Amatsukami/Guilds
Garrison: 9
Capital: Escoral
Jumps: 2
Tech Level: 6
Human Population: 149,000,000
Alien Population: 1,500,000 (mostly Reikaw and Ka’Hadan)
Resources: Coal, Copper, Diamonds, Agriculture, Petroleum, Cattle, Wood, Dairy Products, Deuterium
Exports: Wheat, Olives, Millirice, Barley, Peanuts, Meat, Petroleum, Animal Hides, Chemicals, Weapons, Crafts, Solar Energy Tech, Precious Stones, Wine, Metals

Solar System

Star: Solasa (yellow-white star)
Planet Name Distance from Star Notes
Akasha 0.799 AU Once green and First Earth-like
Akkadios 0.935 AU
(Chira) moon Desert moon; Lover’s moon; al-Yazata military base
(Rui) moon Solemn moon; Philosopher’s moon; al-Yazata
Vector 3.015 AU Some mining; Primmortal ruins; al-Yazata military bases; Two underground cities, highly restricted access
Shatan 9.235 AU Gas giant; Seven moons; Life exists in upper atmosphere – the floating Chemyluth; Chemyluth are rarely captured and used to make chim sei poison
Urum 19.01 AU Primmortal canals cross its surface; Water and life found near poles; Dead city of Tlanthrun; Another dead city has been found at the sound pole, unexplored
Tern 31.66 AU Small, cold, lifeless world; Has one moon
Jump gate 42.5 AU

Akkadios is largely desert studded with deeply weathered mountains. The deserts are not barren, for hardy plant and animal life survives in all regions. Less than 12% of the surface is covered in water, although regular rainfall occurs in the northern hemisphere and the southern region of Greenswarth. The temperatures are high but bearable due to low air humidity.


This world was discovered during the First Republic and originally named Escoral. It was settled by the proto Amatsukami pantheon of Posthumans as a mining colony. Akkadios’s Patron Saint is St. Charissa, one of the Prophet’s followers. The famous conversation between Zeth and Prince Lucifer III occurred in the Amatsukami gardens on Akkadios. The first Amatsukami ruler was Adriano I, Protector of Akkadios. He ascended to power in GD 2525 in a bloodless coup against pantheonic god-corporate republican interests. Two other noble families existed at that time – the Verloren and the Tanaka – but the Amatsukami defeated and absorbed both of them during the 31st century. Although democratic Parliament exists, it is de facto a tool of the Amatsukami and has been since the 32nd century GD.

During the Second Republic, ancestors of the Ishwin pantheon settled the interior deserts. After the Fall of the Second Republic, the Ishwin pantheon grew, admitting many escaped serfs and political prisoners. During the 45th century GD, the Amatsukami conquered the Ishwin. They agreed to give a levy of warriors in exchange for status as freemen, an agreement that remains in effect to present times. The Ishwin have been converted to Orthodoxy, but they still incorporate many older traditions into the religion.

In the 50th century GD, there was within House Amatsukami a failed traditionalist rebellion to throw out foreign influence from the royal house’s court. The House suffered a different sort of failure when Princess Meslissa attempted to produce the longevity drug Lypee-55 on Akkadios – the Ingenium destroyed the research effort in a most spectacular fashion.

Prince Flavius only recently came to power during the Primacy Wars. He recently begun work on the Four Revitalizations, including the Jade Canal to connect the desert with the Greenswarth via Escoral. He also recently oversaw the opening of the Jin Academy (Amatsukami War College) and the Jiang Academy of Engineering and Allied Sciences. He also lifted the millirice tax, much to the great relief of farmers across the planet.


Escoral is ruled by Prince Flavius himself and is the planetary capital city – the city “of bells and banners”. It is home to the planet’s main spaceport and agora, as well as housing many Sectus churches, including the Zeth Cathedral – built by Prince Cardano, it is the third largest cathedral in the Galactic Imperium. The city is also home to Jade University, the second oldest school on the planet; and the University of Akkadios, noted for its theology, rhetoric and engineering programs. There is a zoo containing many creatures from Ekka, the Ka’Hadan homeworld.

The industrial sector of the city produces weapons, building supplies, refined ores, glassworks and irrigation generators. Many guilds operate here, and there are a large number of Reikaw and some Ka’Hadan.

Headquartered in the city is the Jingcha and the Yuan Men. The Celestial City houses the Sing Palace, the primary residence of Prince Flavius. Archbishop Marcion Amatsukami rules from Escoral over the metropolitan of Akkadios, Scarab, Graal, Ikon, Modiana, Parapet and Ekka.

(37 million population)

Ruled by the Countess Bella Ri Chu Amatsukami, this region is home to many a fish farm and wool factory. There are many cattle and sheep herders here as well. The Saan clans live nearby, a fierce mountain people with a strong reputation as vicious fighters. Prince Flavius has five regiments (two divisions) of Saan soldiers, which he uses as shock troops. They are famous for night battles, stealth and throat-slitting. The region also is houses a spaceport, as well as a major airport in the city of Cardano.

(37 million population)

Navaro Mountains
This mountain province is ruled by Count Sung. It is mostly a wild area with only scarce settlements, although there are Ore mines and timber farms.

(5 million population)

Navaro Desert
The Navaro desert is the home of the Ishwin pantheon’s descendants, consisting of the Wind Clan, Blue Hungh Clan, Omega Clan, Otzovist Clan, and Star Clan. The Ishwin resolve most conflicts with competitive games instead of warfare, although their warriors still have a strong reputation as fierce fighters. Indeed, each clan provides one brigade of warriors to the Prince in exchange for continued autonomy. There is an airport at the city of Daso, which belongs to the Star Clan.

(10 million Population)

Basquin Desert
This desert is famous for its Gushing waters of Hellrock – a spring created by Saint Charissa (one of her five miracles). The spring is reputed to have healing properties. Not surprisingly, the Sectus and Aegeans control much land here. The land is covered with olive plantations and is a place for artists, who find inspiriation in the land’s deep red and orange sands.

(10 million population)

The Greenswarth
Greenswarth is the chief agricultural zone on the planet, growing millirice, wine, wheat, barley, fruits and vegetables. Indeed, the region is home to some Reikaw agriculturalists.

The city of Oron is the largest city in the region and is a processing center for agricultural goods and home to many artists and singers. Oron also produces cheap weaponry and computers that are santioned by the Sectus.

The city of Mouh is a fishing town and energy-processing center. It is ruled by the Duchess Meditirina Nu-Gua, cousin to Prince Flavius. The city of Lanweli is famous for its dye production, wool, dairy and beef products, and is ruled by Tang Amatsukami.

(50 million population)


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